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Homecare heroes at our Waterhouse Business Centre

Homecare heroes at our Waterhouse Business Centre
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Homecare heroes at our Waterhouse Business Centre
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Working throughout the majority of 2020 was a challenge for us all, and developments with the coronavirus crisis still pose setbacks for many this year. Despite this, our Chelmsford customer, Firstpoint Homecare has been working incredibly hard to continue its brilliant service during these trying times. We spoke to the Essex business manager, Adele Hawksworth, to see how the team have been getting on.


Chelmsford complex healthcare provider

Firstpoint Homecare is an Essex based complex homecare provider, caring for individuals with conditions that can range from spinal injuries to degenerative and neurological conditions, learning disabilities and mental health needs.

“Being based at Waterhouse Business Centre has been great – the team are really happy here,” comments Adele Hawksworth, the business manager for the Chelmsford branch, “The location isn’t too far from public transport links, and there’s lots of free parking which can be especially useful for those coming in for training at different times of the day.”

The impact of coronavirus on the homecare industry

The country’s movement in and out of lockdowns has been tricky for homecare providers to navigate, aiming to incorporate social distancing where possible and follow government guidelines. “We’ve had to adapt as much as we can, socially distancing when in the office and in the way we care for our clients ensuring they remain safe at all times.” comments Adele.

Persevering throughout the pandemic

“As a care provider you need to be resilient to anything that happens,” says Adele, praising her team. “Ultimately, individuals are going to need care provided for them no matter what, so the determination of the team is brilliant.”

As Firstpoint Homecare grows and develops, we look forward to continuing to support them at Waterhouse Business Centre in their training of carers in our units. Looking to the uncertain months ahead, we’re incredibly proud of our care heroes and the astounding work they continue to deliver.

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