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Training provider quickly moves online to support upskilling

Training provider quickly moves online to support upskilling
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Training provider quickly moves online to support upskilling
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
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Business owners have become familiar with shifting services online within the past year, and our Croydon customer has made the most of his new business model. City Skills, based at our Capital Business Centre , has been providing e-learning to apprenticeships and employees that are re-training. Having moved into our Croydon location in November 2020, the company has seen a change in the way it operates and discovered a new community at the site.

City Skills based in Croydon

Founded in August 2017, City Skills began as a Croydon based training provider for apprenticeships, and the government registered company has now gone national.

“We partner with employers to spend apprenticeship funding, as well as sourcing government funding for smaller employers,” says Richard Holmden, director and co-founder, “We help them with upskilling of existing employees and training apprentices.”

City Skills’ training spans across multiple sectors, including teaching leadership and coaching (TLC), HR, and business coaching.

Settling into Capital Business Centre

City Skills has been based at our Croydon location since 30th November 2020, and are settling in well according to Richard.

“The amenities, quality of the facilities and shared spaces have been brilliant,” says Richard, “It’s been really positive. Everyone is very welcoming and there’s a nice sense of community with the businesses in other units.”

Richard and his team have also been enjoying the help in setting up their space, commenting, “We have a freshly painted office, and were given access to the space days before our start date so that we could move in all of our equipment. The tech help has also been great.”

Memorable moments from three years of business

Having been in business for three years, Richard notes two memorable things that have stood out to him. “Getting on the register of apprenticeship training providers was an achievement – only a certain number of people are added to it, and there are only a few occasions to get onto it.”

This allows City Skills to trade without any third parties, a great benefit to keeping their business moving independently.

“Another great moment has been being recognised as the country’s largest training provider of coaching apprenticeships, which we achieved within 18 months.” adds Richard.

Adapted operations in 2020

The coronavirus crisis certainly caused setbacks for many businesses, but Richard considers himself lucky: “Some other training providers really struggled, but we were agile and switched our training process online very quickly.”

City Skills launched their own e-learning programme, allowing them once again to operate independently. The company has worked with the NHS and schools throughout the pandemic, as well as private recruitment companies who have struggled in the past year. 

Looking ahead to further business growth

Despite the recent great success of his company, Richard is still determined to grow in times ahead, aiming to triple in size over the next five years, as well as diversifying to target more private companies.

“To anyone thinking of starting their own business, I’d suggest going into it with your eyes open, and keep in mind that it’s probably going to take three or four times longer than you might think to get to the stage you want to,” says Richard.

City Skills has been recruiting for their January cohort of apprentices, supporting individuals with business administration and operations departmental help. Having diversified and rapidly adapted to an online space, it’s great to see that Richard’s business has worked hard to succeed during what has been a challenging time.  

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