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Using lockdown as an opportunity for professional development

Using lockdown as an opportunity for professional development
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Using lockdown as an opportunity for professional development
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

After emerging from one of her toughest years in business, Our Milton Keynes Business Centre customer, Trichologist (Hair & Scalp Specialist) Jacqueline Martin, is tackling the new year with her business as a priority. We spoke to her about her experience through 2020, and what she hopes to achieve at the centre this year.

Working at Milton Keynes Business Centre

Unfortunately, like many of our customers and small business owners, Jacqueline Martin had to pause trading last March when the UK went into its first lockdown. The news came just one month after she had opened her Martin Hair & Scalp Clinic at Milton Keynes Business Centre . Despite these setbacks, Jacqueline has remained positive.

“I am looking forward to building up the business in Milton Keynes and welcoming patients back into a clinical environment once again,” she says.

The impact of coronavirus on business

“The timing was unfortunate,” Jacqueline recalls. “When Covid hit I had to put all my immediate plans for the unit on hold and look at other ways of delivering my service.”

Due to social distancing and government regulations, she was unable to perform face-to-face consultations and examinations for new patients. Instead, Jacqueline focused on her existing customer base and offered follow-up and review appointments for those patients over the phone. She also embraced the opportunity to work on her personal development, catching up on research papers, enhancing her professional skills via CPD courses and webinars. She also made sure to prioritise educating herself about new developments unfolding in the industry.

“Trichologists have to keep abreast of new developments and the lockdown enabled me to do so,” Jacqueline comments.

Easy contact with centre management teams

In pre-coronavirus times, our business support teams would always welcome new customers in person. Although this wasn’t possible when Jacqueline came to the centre, she comments that she was grateful for the support and guidance provided on how to implement Covid-19 secure measures .

“Even though they were working remotely, they were generous with their time and I was always able to get hold of someone. The team was very supportive.”

Jacqueline’s topmost priority is patient safety. When customers are allowed back to the clinic, their temperature will be taken prior to entry. During the hair and scalp examinations, when social distancing isn’t possible, Jacqueline will be wearing full PPE. This includes a mask, apron and gloves. Also, all equipment and tools are thoroughly sanitised between each patient appointment.

Safety practices at the centre

Safety doesn’t just boil down to the customer measures – we ensure all of our business centres are Covid secure, ensuring that we maintain customer confidence and reassurance throughout the time visitors are at the centre.

“There is a pedestrianised one-way system and sanitising stations at the entrance. It feels very safe,” says Jacqueline.

There’s no doubt that this has been a tumultuous time for Jacqueline’s business, but continuing with her professional development is sure to put her in a brilliant headspace ready to welcome her customers back when the time is right. By being so well prepared and ensuring patients’ safety as a top priority, there is no doubt that Jacqueline’s business will flourish when the clinic reopens. We wish Jacqueline every success in continuing to help men and women with her expertise.

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