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Surving a pandemic and other extreme sports

Surving a pandemic and other extreme sports
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Surving a pandemic and other extreme sports
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

2020 forced everyone to adapt, but nowhere is this more true than in the medical industry. In a year that put strain on even the biggest industry players, BlueKit Medical were left jumping through hoops they never expected to encounter. However, a flexible business model allowed our Croydon customers to face every challenge that was thrown at them head on.

An ideal location in a less than ideal situation

Bluekit Medical have always been used to meticulous organisation and planning prior to making big business decisions: When it came to choosing a location for their business, before last year’s turn of events, it was after much research that they determined Croydon to be the most logical location.

“It is a logistically sound location for the distribution of goods, with good accessibility for staff.” says managing director, Rebecca Porter. The next step was to find the perfect office. Amongst a number of other options in Croydon, Capital Business Centre seemed to offer the best fit.

“The ease of access to this site, inbuilt infrastructure, free parking, onsite café, and, most importantly, the flexible monthly licence fee and rental space, helped make the decision to choose Capital Space,” recalls Porter, finally completing the move in April of 2020. However, soon after they made the move to Croydon, the first lockdown happened.

Improvise, adapt, overcome

From the onset of the pandemic, Bluekit Medical were thrown curveball after curveball: from shielding employees, resulting in a heavily reduced workforce, to export controls imposed on suppliers, to the government suspension on elective surgeries – a large source of income for the company – Rebecca Porter truly seemed to have the odds stacked against her. However, this extraordinary situation harboured some extraordinary outcomes:

“If we had not adapted when the market changed, we would have failed to maintain our existing business. Adapting to change meant that we were able to see through a difficult period, but it has also been crucially important that we are able to revert to prior practice at the right time.” Porter advises that the current situation has simply highlighted the need – even without a pandemic – for a rapidly growing company such as Bluekit Medical to remain flexible:

“We are an expanding company, and we need to adapt quickly to respond to growing and shifting demands. This has never been more apparent than now when there is very little stability due to the pandemic; this for us is compounded by other external and uncontrollable factors, such as leaving the EU and operating under new medical device regulations,” says Porter.

She explains that one reason they are able to be so flexible is thanks to the help of Capital Space, stating that “there is no long-term commitment, and we are in a position where we can offer just 30 days’ notice with any change,” allowing them to survive in an industry which has seen drastic change over the course of a year.

Looking to the future by referencing the past

Though Bluekit Medical are able to see the value in being forward-thinking, flexible and adaptable, they believe that ultimately this is intertwined with the prior knowledge and experience that helped them to build stable foundations:

Porter continued: “It was vital that whilst adapting to change and adjusting to meet different demands, we did not forget our core objectives and the customers who had brought us to this stage in our development and who, indeed, make us who we are.”

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