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Launching a business in the entrepreneurial hub of Milton Keynes

Launching a business in the entrepreneurial hub of Milton Keynes
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Launching a business in the entrepreneurial hub of Milton Keynes
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Digital creative agency Makilo has certainly made a splash at our Milton Keynes Business Centre over the years and their recent launch of a brilliant charity shows how they are always thinking creatively. We’ve spoken to the company co-director, Chris Tilt, to learn more about the business’s story, and how Capital Space has helped to grow their vision.


Moving to Milton Keynes Business Centre

Makilo was created as its founders noticed a small gap in digital marketing agencies and what they had to offer. Company co-director Chris Tilt comments “We’re a small creative agency. We work on all sorts of web apps, websites and digital projects .”

Having previously worked on lots of clients in London, the company directors decided to embrace their link to Milton Keynes. Makilo – interestingly, the phonetic alphabet pronunciation of MK – came about after Chris and his future team all ended back in the area after spreading out after university. “It’s really a hub for small businesses,” says Chris, “I’m originally from Wolverhampton, and actually begrudgingly moved to Milton Keynes at first! But now I’m a huge advocate for the place.”

Appreciating what the area has done for business, Chris adds, “It works so well compared to other cities and I’ve grown to embrace it. And conveniently, being based in Milton Keynes meant that we could start up our office with Capital Space , at the Milton Keynes Business Centre .”

  The perfect choice of business accommodation

Makilo has been based at the Milton Keynes Business Centre for four years, after the business was set up in 2016.

“I was freelance before starting the business, and so was our other director,” comments Chris, “I was involved with a lot of charity work beforehand, and as a result, I knew lots of the local buildings and sites. Capital Space really stood out.”

When moving his business to be based at our centre, Chris appreciated the welcoming staff. “The staff here are a breath of fresh air! We feel we are managed as a client rather than a tenant, and the community spirit in the centre lets you make the most of where you work.”

Whilst we pride ourselves on the great community spirit encouraged in our business centres, we can’t ignore the brilliant work Makilo has done to bring businesses at the centre together.

 Charity work as a result of Covid impact

“We’ve always been lucky that we have a lot of retained customers, so during the pandemic we’ve been leaning on retained work more than we usually would,” comments Chris. Despite new work coming in at a slower rate and less opportunity for casual projects, the Makilo team has busied itself with charity work to give something back.

“When Covid hit, we reached out to everyone in the building, asking them if they needed help with digital solutions,” explains Chris. The team at Makilo soon realised that there was no easily accessible record of which company did what in the building.

“We wanted to create ease of access to info about customers in the centre, as well as handling to the issue of food banks and poverty in MK. The project was a way to make a contribution to Capital Space centre as well as merge it with fundraising.” Read more about Makilo’s fantastic initiative here .

Having been based at our Milton Keynes Business Centre for four years, we’re proud to support Makilo in their incredible charity endeavours, as well as their stunning digital solutions. We look forward to seeing what exciting projects they’ll be getting involved with

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