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Why one third of Capital Space staff have been with the company for over 10 years

Why one third of Capital Space staff have been with the company for over 10 years
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Why one third of Capital Space staff have been with the company for over 10 years
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

One of the factors that makes Capital Space so special is that our employees tend to stay with us for a long time. As a business, we know the importance of creating an environment where our staff can be flexible, feel relaxed yet challenged and – most importantly – be happy. We are beyond grateful to receive such positive feedback from our employees of their experiences here at Capital Space and we are proud to share that 1/3 of our staff have been here for over 10 years. Now, that is something to celebrate!


Here at Capital Space, a solid work-life balance is essential for our employees, steering away from a traditional 9-5 workplace structure and moving towards a modern model that improves employee satisfaction: “Since having my children, Capital Space have given me the support to change roles to better suit my family life and given me flexibility in terms of my office location and working hours, to allow for the all-important juggle of being a busy working mum,” says Helen Witherden, Projects Coordinator (15 years at Capital Space).

We believe that by offering workplace flexibility and allowing employees to work remotely when needed is a key factor in boosting moral and reducing stress levels. This was reciprocated by Kelly Edwards, Management Accountant, who added, “In my particular role, I have the freedom to work from home when I’ve thought it would be beneficial pre-pandemic and I am responsible for keeping my own hours, as long as I meet my deadlines, which was very helpful for myself.” Kelly has now been with us for 13 years and counting!

Positive work environment

It's undeniable that a positive work environment is essential for the success of a business. Here at Capital Space, we do our best to provide a happy and caring culture that not only improves employee’s wellbeing, but their productivity too. This is an important factor for Maria Malone, Centre Manager for our Capital Business Centre in Croydon and in her 14th year with the company: “My colleagues are skilled, friendly and supportive and we listen and respect everyone’s ideas and views, plus we have fun!”

The positive work environment that we provide at Capital Space also has a beneficial effect on individual welfare:

“I have always felt Capital Space is like one big family and everyone, no matter the job title, is approachable,” said 15-year company veteran Michelle Sipthorpe, Deputy Centre Manager of Greenway Business Centre in Harlow. “The team always make you feel so welcome. When each employee is charged with positive energy, the contagion of good energy is inevitable.”


At Capital Space, we want our employees to feel challenged and empowered, so we believe that variety in the workplace is essential for our employees to stay satisfied. We do our best to ensure that our employees get to encounter a range of different situations with the freedom to approach them with creative solutions.

“No day is the same and this is what I love, I am always learning something new each day,” said Jeannene Murray-Brown, Deputy Centre Manager, Waterhouse Business Centre in Chelmsford (11 years with Capital Space).

“There are a plethora of tasks carried out, this keeps the job fresh and challenging, and you end up knowing about things you would never come across in another sector,” Maria commented further.

Learning and development

We want our employees to be the best that they can. That’s why we believe in providing a space where our teams can develop and strengthen their skills. Kelly Edwards, Management Accountant, supported this: “Peter makes sure all his staff receive the necessary training they want or need to succeed in their roles.” By providing the necessary training, we can create a team of knowledgeable staff who can work in teams or independently with full confidence in their abilities.

How do we help reinforce new training? At Capital Space, we want to reward our employees for their hard work and always give the chance to progress. Our Projects Coordinator, Helen Witherden, is just one of many who was given the opportunity to do this: “I have worked for Capital Space for almost 15 years and have enjoyed the variety and the new skills that working for a company like Capital Space has equipped me with. I was originally employed as a Deputy Manager when I started working for Capital Space and I was given the chance to progress to a Centre Manager when the opportunity arose.”

Capital Space provides serviced office space and facilitates the growth of SMEs throughout Kent, Essex, Milton Keynes and Croydon. If you feel as though your business would benefit from an office space that adapts with your company, please contact your local business-centre manager.

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