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We deliver superfast internet speed in Harlow

We deliver superfast internet speed in Harlow
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We deliver superfast internet speed in Harlow
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

One of the reasons we have so many happy customers is because of our reliable, superfast internet speed. We know how important a reliable internet connection can be for you as a business owner and this has been made even more apparent by the pandemic and a growing demand for virtual communication. That’s why we’re thrilled that our customers in Harlow are now benefitting from an internet speed that is twice as quick as it was before.

Internet speed upgrade

All of our customers across our nine centres benefit from a superfast internet connection, enabling them to go to work with ease, knowing that their computers and other technology they rely upon will run smoothly. Although our speed has always been outstanding, we are constantly striving to deliver even better results for our customers.

The latest centre to benefit from an upgrade is Greenway Business Centre in Harlow, who, from 23rd February, have gained an even greater performance from their WiFi. The connection previously had a high speed 100MB leased line, with a full failover service that guarantees seamless internet access at all times. Under the old system, customers enjoyed an upload and download speed of 16MB.

Now, our customers will be able to enjoy a super charged 1GB leased line, whilst still retaining our invaluable back up service, ensuring the ultimate experience in data transfer and resilience. Crucially, customers can now also expect upload and download speeds of up to 40MB.

Internet dependence

The pandemic has brought many issues to light and one crucial implication is how important a reliable internet connection is. If your business, like so many others, has been forced to work remotely for over a year, it’s likely that you’re coming to realise how dependent we are on having a reliable internet service in place.

How many Zoom calls have you been in when, embarrassingly, your internet has cut out, leaving the other members of the call staring blankly back at you? Although such instances are probably unavoidable for the short-term, as part of your longer-term business strategy you might be keen to find an office provider where you’ll never have to worry about losing connection again.

A report by Vox predicted that even post-pandemic, virtual meetings are likely to remain important within businesses communication, so don’t think that come the 21st June you can simply wave goodbye to online – although we wish we could! Plus, despite their downfalls, virtual meetings do present new possibilities, such as having an easy way to connect with other businesses internationally.

Unable to work from home?

The government’s current advice is to work from home unless it’s ‘unreasonable for you to do so’. Whilst this leaves the majority of businesses working remotely, there are going to be instances where it is impossible for you, or a member of your team, to engage with work outside of the office.

A major factor in this is needing a stable internet connection, if your business relies on digital communication. For example, if you live in an area that suffers from bad internet connectivity, it would be deemed reasonable for you to return to the office if you’ve been left unable to work due to an unstable network. You might opt for office working on a necessity-based protocol, for example, only going into the office on a day when you know you’ll have back-to-back calls.

If you’d like to find out more about having a licence with an office provider who prides themselves on their superfast internet speed, then please get in touch.

To find out how Capital Space could benefit your growing business, call 0800 107 4667.