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Producing energy to support our environmental mission

Producing energy to support our environmental mission
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Producing energy to support our environmental mission
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

As a business and serviced office provider, which is home to a thousand customers across the South East, we know how important it is that we create a positive impact on the environment around us. Our bid to go green has, in recent years, involved installing charge points for electric vehicles , upgrading our surrounding grounds to be more environmentally clean and promoting recycling at our centres. However, our green mission started long before, with a partnership formed in 2008 which has helped us go from wasting energy to actually producing it.

Improving our energy efficiency

As a company, we’re all too aware of the threat that the environmental crisis poses to the world and we’re determined to do our part in combatting it. So when Eneco reached out to us in 2008, to see if we’d like some help in reducing our energy consumption, we jumped at the chance. 

“Utilities are a minefield and utility companies obtuse. I often think they go out of their way to make it difficult for everybody. That’s where Eneco’s skills come in. They understand the market, they are experts in how it works, and they are wise to all the games utility companies play,” explains our Founder and Managing Director, Peter Boam.

To make our customers’ lives as easy as possible, we provide all of their utilities for them as part of our ethos. We know how difficult and time-consuming it would be for them to independently source their providers. This is why working with Eneco has been so productive, as they’ve taken away the major challenges that come with sourcing energy and other utilities for nine different business centres, enabling it all to be managed by one central team.

How Eneco works

Eneco monitor the data that’s generated across our business centres and proactively help us to reduce our waste and to source cheaper alternatives. This data is then fed back to us twice a year, where we can spot any mistakes and helps to inform us when it comes to making energy-based investment decisions.

“If we suddenly see a big spike in water, for example, we know we’ve got a leak somewhere or we’ve left a tap running. We want to be alerted to that because it can be a long time until we get a bill – which can then be costly,” Peter continues.

Producing our own energy

The policies that have been implemented at our centres with the help of Eneco have also helped us to go from wasting energy to producing our own. We’re somewhat unique in the property world as we own all our buildings, which means that we’re well placed to directly benefit from any energy that we’re able to generate.

Eneco helped explain to us that, because our buildings have roofs, installing photovoltaic panels can supply ample electricity. “We’ve been working closely with Eneco lately to determine the optimum amount of energy-generating photovoltaics we can put on our roofs, how we’re going to deal with them and what contracts we can get from utility companies.”

As well as generating our own electricity, we’ve also been able to reduce our energy consumption in other areas, such as reducing water and electricity waste, as well as installing renewables. We’re now investigating the possibility of even using a battery to store the excess energy generated from our photovoltaic panels, creating a sustainable energy solution that goes one step further.

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