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Creating a bespoke office space to showcase specialist skills

Creating a bespoke office space to showcase specialist skills
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Creating a bespoke office space to showcase specialist skills
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Our Greenway Business Centre has recently undergone some exciting renovations courtesy of our Harlow customer, MD Glass Partitions. Their director, Mark Raraty, decided to convert his unit space into a stunning showcase of his company’s capabilities. The project is the beginning of a promising time of growth for the business.  

Origins of MD Glass Partitions

Company director, Mark Raraty, formed a company called General Blass Partitions in 2004 and, building on its success, incorporated in 2019 to become  MD Glass Partitioning Ltd. The core business is the supply and fit of  glass partitioning , but the company also offers glass doors, balustrades, back painted glass, mirrors and blinds.

Renovating a unit at our Harlow location

The MD Glass team moved into their unit in  Greenway Business Centre  in summer 2019, with the intention of adding a mezzanine floor to maximise the space. They began planning in late 2020 in conjunction with Capital Space and work began in February 2021. Within a month, the work was completed to a point where the team could move back in.

“We have been able to create a bespoke office space and storage unit that suits business needs and showcases our skills,” comments Mark.

Working with our business support team

“Capital Space have been supportive, approachable and willing to help wherever they can,” says Mark. “Any issues raised are tackled head on and dealt with in a timely fashion.”

At Capital Space, or collaboration with MD Glass has grown into a positive relationship, so much so that we approached them to fit partitioning in our reception area as well!

Working through coronavirus

“Without a doubt, Covid has had a significant effect on our business,” says Mark. “In lockdown one, we were effectively closed, but we have been back working since July 2020.”

Mark has had to ensure the safety of staff working in his office and on sites by implementing appropriate PPE and effective communication.

Looking beyond the pandemic, he is working towards growing the business over the next five years and is putting in place a plan to restructure accommodation, to ensure it meets current and future business needs. “We are well placed in a unit on a well-managed and secure site, offering all the facilities we need to thrive and grow.”

We enjoy seeing our customers making their unit space their own. MD Glass Partitions’ successful projects at our Greenway Business Centre have certainly showcased their stunning work, and we look forward to the promising time of growth that lies ahead for the business.

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