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Delivering high standards to customers

Delivering high standards to customers
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Delivering high standards to customers
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Many of our customers have had to adapt their operations, process and targets over the past year. Despite experiencing changes in demand, our Sittingbourne client, Delivery Demons, has carried on delivering excellent standards for their customers. We spoke to owner Lawrence Dixon about what his experience has been like throughout the pandemic, and how his team is settling in, having recently moved to St George’s Business Centre.

Varying products and locations successfully

Delivery Demons, based at our St George’s Business Centre in Sittingbourne, is a haulage company that handles a huge range of equipment.

“We’ve delivered a wide variety of products, anything from aeroplanes to boxes of smaller appliances. We’ve transported engines from Wales and glass showers to London from Scotland,” says company owner, Lawrence Dixon.

Settling in at our Sittingbourne location

Although Delivery Demons clients hail from far and wide, Lawrence finds their Sittingbourne location ideal.

“We’ve recently moved into St George’s, and I can already say that we’ve built up a good rapport with the locals, including other businesses based in the centre,” says Lawrence, “It’s a good central location.”

Living in Maidstone, it’s easy for him to commute to the site. Lawrence’s son, who is also involved in the business, lives in Sittingbourne, so the location works very well for the Delivery Demons team as a whole.  

Adapting to Covid-19 demands

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK and other countries worldwide were experiencing a shortage of appropriate PPE. Delivery Demons began transporting PPE into the UK, experiencing a huge uptake in work and consequently were classified as key workers. “We also began transporting a range of appliances that became more in demand, like hand sanitiser stands. We had to adapt to uptake very quickly,” says Lawrence. 

Evaluating business performance

Due to the haulage industry being very busy in recent times, Delivery Demons is looking to grow by the end of this year, with the aim of having ten trucks on the road.

“We want fifteen by the next year, and so on, so that we continue steady growth,” comments Lawrence. Due to our easy-in, easy-out monthly licence, Delivery Demons will be able to scale up their space as needed.  

When asked about advice he would give to other aspiring businesses, Lawrence says:

“Consider the bigger picture, and planning is key. It’s exciting to get an idea and run with it, but ensure you’re being realistic and have plans in place.”

We’re very impressed at how our customer has thrived during the unexpected uptake for the haulage industry, and look forward to supporting their growth in the next year and beyond.

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