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The benefits of in-person meetings

The benefits of in-person meetings
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The benefits of in-person meetings
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Now more than ever we seem to be in an age of digital communication, with several businesses indicating that they have no plan to change this anywhere in the immediate future. Working from home, making Zoom calls and being part of Microsoft Teams is here to stay, but are face-to-face meetings still important? Here at Capital Space , we believe there are still many advantages to be had through in-person collaboration, here’s how your business could benefit.

Building strong relationships

Having face-to-face meetings with a client demonstrates that you value their time, business and importance to your service. As in-person meetings are much more direct and personal, they give you the chance to connect as a real person, or team, rather than talking through a phone or video conference. Research by the Great Business school found that 85% of people believe face-to-face meetings contribute to stronger, more meaningful business relationships, actively listening to any discussion points or concerns and building a closer relationship.

Enhanced credibility and trust

In-person meetings with clients and customers helps to build loyalty. As humans, we naturally want to meet and interact with other people – and when it comes to business, establishing a network relationship usually leads to a regular preference of your services. At the beginning of a client relationship, where the trust has not yet been fully established, lost language can be a problem if you solely rely on technology for communication. Body language and tone of voice are very important in nurturing loyalty from your clients and partners, which is much more difficult to obtain when you are only communicating online.

Non-verbal cues

It’s easier to gauge someone’s interest in a discussion when you are able to read their body language. These non-verbal signals are useful to determine their engagement level and adjust your presentation style if it’s clear that you are losing their attention. So, while video and texting may be more convenient, it is easy to misinterpret or miss subconscious messages, especially when meeting a client for the first time.

Clearly communicate goals

Did you know that, on average, an in-person meeting will generate about 13.36 ideas , whereas a virtual meeting will only generate around 10.43? This is because we communicate with each other better when we’re face-to-face, naturally bouncing off each other’s thoughts as they happen – and without the threat of a muted microphone! This makes important processes, such as concept development, project concerns or new ideas much more convenient and flowing, which can lead to clearer goals and business opportunities.

Keeping Covid safe

Setting up a meeting room to ensure it is following all of the Covid-19 regulations is easier than it may seem. The accepted approach to safe meetings is to socially distance at all times, sanitise any surfaces or objects after use, move any tables, chairs or desks to help people comfortably keep a distance from one another and to make sure the room is ventilated.

Our business centre meeting rooms are all equipped to help you create a safe environment for your colleagues and business partners alike.

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