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How a new marketing strategy can help you survive the pandemic

How a new marketing strategy can help you survive the pandemic
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How a new marketing strategy can help you survive the pandemic
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

With the coronavirus lockdown impacting on many businesses, our customers have had to adjust their goals, operation and processes over the past year. Despite experiencing a devasting hit from COVID-19, our Croydon client, Driver Hire, was able to adapt their business structure so they could carry on providing outstanding standards for their customers. We spoke to owner Tony Gouch about what his experience has been like throughout the pandemic and how himself and his team have created a new sales and marketing strategy to help their business survive.

A full range of recruitment services

Driver Hire , based at our Capital Business Centre in Croydon, provides a full range of recruitment services from temporary and permanent positions, driving work and logistic jobs.

“The first Driver Hire office opened in West Yorkshire in 1983, initially supplying temporary drivers to local transport firms,” says owner, Tony Gouch. “Since then, we’ve grown to become the UK’s largest specialist logistics recruiter, providing a wide range of drivers and non-driving staff to organisations throughout the UK.”

Settling in at our Croydon location

With Driver Hire being located at the Capital Business Centre for just under a year, Tony finds their Croydon location ideal.

“We wanted to be located in an environment where we felt comfortable and happy. We particularly wanted a place where people could easily park when they came to see us which was one of the main reasons why we chose Croydon.

“The management team are great and we get on with them really well which is important. We also have built a relationship with our neighbours which makes it an enjoyable place to come to work.

Adapting to Covid-19 demands

As many other businesses in the UK, Driver Hire felt a devasting impact from the coronavirus pandemic, with government regulations meaning they had to stop their business overnight.

“We really took a hit from Coronavirus, it was devasting, we basically had to stop our business and all the staff were furloughed,” Tony stated. “I thought there must be a way I can try and fix this — I also needed something I could focus on and put all my energy in.

“So, I decided to create a new sales and marketing strategy focusing on videos and podcasts to survive. The podcast has 21 episodes now and is aimed at giving tips and advice for drivers. We have also published 3 videos showing how to use a ratchet strap, with more topics to come! The videos and podcasts became a lot more popular than I had thought, so it was great that some positivity came from Coronavirus for our business.”

Lessons learnt from the pandemic

Although the pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty for Driver Hire, they were able to adjust to the demands of Covid-19 and create a new sales and marketing strategy successfully.

“When we had to close, we thought that we would lose a lot of our customers. But, from the support we received towards our podcasts and videos, our customer loyalty was better than we thought.

“We have not seemed to lose a single customer and I have learnt just how strong our customer relationships are! It just shows when you do something you’re passionate about, it will get you through the problems no matter what… We never thought we would be able to get past the horrid time Coronavirus bought.”

We are very impressed at how our customer was able to adapt and be flexible with their business in the face of new challenges, creating new opportunities that would otherwise not have been considered. We look forward to supporting their growth through all of their new developments.

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