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Refining business offering to boost success

Refining business offering to boost success
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Refining business offering to boost success
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Our Greenway Business Centre customer,, was set up in 2018 offering installation services to the graphics and wrap trades. Due to increasing industry changes and more and more freelance installers setting up, has innovated to make their business offering the most valuable it can be. Owner, Martin Clark, explains how he knew the business was beginning to require some premises, and what settling into our Harlow location has been like.

A comprehensive signage and graphics business was set up in 2018, offering installation services to the graphics and wrap trades. Previously a one-stop-shop for wrap and print companies to contact for assistance, more freelance installers setting up meant that Silverback started to revert their focus back to the production of graphics, displays and signage. This change has allowed the company to grow steadily.

“It got to the stage towards the middle of last year where we knew that we were going to require some premises to assist with and maintain growth,” says company owner, Martin Clark.

The company now offers a complete service, from the initial discussion to the design of signage and graphics, through to production, installation and beyond.

“We offer in depth knowledge in the best route forward, the correct materials for the scenario and a qualified and experienced outlook on the safe installation.” The company is IPAF and PASMA qualified, ensuring they are authorised to safely work at height.

Joining the business community in Harlow

In need of business premises, Martin chose our Greenway Business Centre in Harlow, joining a community of other local business owners.

“The rolling monthly licence was very attractive to us, as we were unsure whether the transition of the business would be sustainable,” says Martin. He is gradually building a client base within the local area, but customers also hail from further afield.

“Locally we are becoming known and building up our reputation and are getting enquiries for producing graphics and wrapping vehicles,” Martin continues. “Having to source and pull our own work in was a massive step, and it’s been a transition from working purely for the trade.”

Adjusting to bumps in the road

Whilst Martin’s experience at Greenway Business Centre has been positive, did initially hit a couple of bumps in the road, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everybody everywhere has had to make some sort of adjustment to what their normal day to day was. As a business, we adjusted where necessary, taking the correct PPE and health and safety changes on board as required,” says Martin. “There have been a few issues along the way, but the staff at our site are helpful and more than accommodating.”

The team initially saw an increased workload, as many organisations began to implement their own staff protection procedures.

“We were installing thousands of floor stickers and Covid signage around the country for other print houses, and also designing and producing for our own customers,” comments Martin.

During this time, the business saw a slight downturn in the vehicle wrapping side, with a couple of large graphics projects being delayed due to factors like closed hospitality. As the world opens up again, however, these projects are now beginning to resurface.

“We’re due on site for a week or so in Devon in the not too distant future, branding a complete factory building.”

Aspiring to grow the business

Looking to the future of Silverback London, Martin is optimistic and goal-driven.

“We want to grow,” he comments. “More staff will be required in the next few months and we have already toyed with taking larger premises with Capital Space. Again, that’s the really attractive thing about this site: if we want to upsize, we can.”

We’re so encouraged by’s story and seeing them grow at our Greenway Business Centre. Refining their business offering to attract their ideal clients, whilst also navigating tricky waters for all SMEs, the business certainly has a promising future ahead.

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