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Why hybrid events are here to stay

Why hybrid events are here to stay
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Why hybrid events are here to stay
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Although the UK is continuing with its roadmap to reopen in-person events, the past year has taught us that things can change unexpectedly. The hybrid event format is therefore something your business could benefit from, equipping you with a virtual backup plan should things come to change.

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events take place partly in-person and part virtually, allowing remote attendees to still join in with the main activities. With examples ranging between business conferences, music festivals and virtual reality, they utilise video conference technology to keep larger audiences engaged, whether they’re able to share a location or not. Although a relatively new concept, they are likely to increase in demand, as a recent Eventbrite survey revealed that more than half of 3,000 respondents (53%) from the UK, USA and Australia said they plan to attend both virtual and in-person experiences in the future.

 The benefits of virtual business events

  • Hybrid events are more accessible: Hosting virtual events extends your reach, as people from all around the world can access it online. Putting location aside, there may be people with disabilities, or are anxious about going to a crowded event, who will feel more comfortable attending from their home
  • Create long-lasting marketing materials: Recording the content from your event will allow it to be experienced again and again. This is especially handy for hybrid conferences where there is a lot of information to digest over time, as well as the freedom to reuse your content for promotion, such as marketing videos
  • A cost-effective option: Hybrid events offer a higher return on investment, as they remove the costs of venue hire
  • Future-proof your events: As there is no certainty around where or when new lockdown restrictions may be needed, holding a hybrid event will protect your plans against any unforeseen changes.

 Going virtual at our Capital Space business centres

If you’re looking to attract new customers or reconnect with existing ones, consider hosting a real-time webinar, demo, meeting or conference. Our business centres are equipped with unrivalled facilities, to ensure that our clients can hold virtual events with success.

We’re currently able to offer livestreaming events at five of our centres, located in:

When hosting with Capital Space, you can enjoy superfast internet speed and 100Mbps uncontested bandwidth to allow rapid, efficient downloading and uploading during the event. You’ll also have access to our robust failover service, so that in the rare event of a blip, your virtual event will continue to run as seamlessly as possible. Our free onsite parking is also available around the clock, meaning you can host your event whenever it suits you and your audience.

Thanks to their flexible format, hybrid events can help to take some of the uncertainty out of event hosting. While some questions about changing regulations remain, it’s clear that there’s an audience eager to explore the world of hybrid events regardless. Explore something new for your business and create a seamless hybrid event with the help of our business centres.   

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