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A special anniversary party at Loughton

A special anniversary party at Loughton
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A special anniversary party at Loughton
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With 22 years of providing business accommodation, EFI (Loughton) has seen it all: booms and busts, smart phones and space exploration, presidents, and pandemics. Very little, it seems, is set in stone these days. Very little that is, except for Gerald Clarke, who recently celebrated 20 years with EFI (Loughton) by receiving his very own plaque in our Loughton Seedbed Centre.  

Celebrating two decades of outstanding service

Always taking pride in his work, Gerry Clarke has seen many businesses, residents and staff come, go, grow and succeed over his time in our Loughton centre. However, on September 8th, it was time to put him first.

A small selection of Gerry’s close friends, family and beloved staff at the Loughton centre gathered to celebrate his 20 years of excellence. Guests enjoyed a canape lunch, champagne, and a custom cake before heading into the meeting room where Gerry unveiled a new plaque in his honour.

A sign of the times

The occasion was finally marked, a whole ten months later than anticipated! The official anniversary of Gerry’s ascent to chairman (and one of only three board members), was actually scheduled in November 2020. However, as with so many best laid plans, the unveiling event had to be cancelled multiple times over the course of the last year, due to coronavirus and the ever-changing restrictions that came with it.

But these hardships only made the eventual celebration even sweeter, when treasured friends, family and colleagues were finally able to gather. Our unwavering efforts to celebrate speaks volumes of Gerry’s value to the business. Fellow director, Peter Boam commented on Gerald’s exceptional service, saying: “His willingness to offer wisdom, gained from many years of experience, allowed him to assist the board and steer the company successfully through both good and bad.”

Gerry said he continued to enjoy his tenure as chairman. “I can see how we are helping our customers. Accommodation is a problem for small businesses, who can’t afford to take on a lease for 20 years. Here, they can come and go in a month. The principle works really well. Over the last two decades, I estimate we have helped over 500 businesses.”

Loughton Seedbed Centre offers 42 units in total, featuring a mix of offices, workshops and studios available on a simple, monthly licence.

We are grateful to have Gerald Clarke as a part of our team at EFI (Loughton) for the last two decades.  Thank you, Gerald!