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X marks the spot for Clarity of Sight!

X marks the spot for Clarity of Sight!
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X marks the spot for Clarity of Sight!
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Partners in business and in life, Penny and Matt are no strangers to rolling with the punches and adapting to change. This was clear to see when they approached Capital Space in March of 2020- three weeks before the UK was plunged into lockdown.

We spoke to Penny about the story behind the business and how they managed to grow throughout the pandemic whilst settling into the Milton Keynes Business Centre .

About the business

As well as being an accredited Reiki master, teacher, medium, psychic, and crystal shop owner, Penny Alterskye offers spiritual advice and therapies to her customers. Penny’s partner Matt focuses on online sales and supporting customers in their shop based in Milton Keynes Business Centre, which sells everything from tumbled stones and incense to tarot cards and jewellery.

“It’s about bringing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance together, we want to bring hope for the future and show people that they can get through life no matter what it throws at them.”

Settling into our Milton Keynes Business Centre

When spiritual guru Penny was on a quest to find a home for her online holistic therapies business, it’s no surprise she sought advice from a medium. The 48-year-old mum was presciently told that ‘X would mark the spot’ of her new workspace. After countless property searches, she and her partner Matt drove by Milton Keynes Business Centre and followed their intuition to take a closer look… then, Penny caught a glimpse of an X on one of the unit’s windowpanes. Instantly, they knew this was the treasured workspace they had searched high and low for.

“We got excited; we just had a feeling. Everything appealed – it was professional, there were communal areas, it was clean and tidy. We wanted to turn it into a destination, not just a shop.”

Adapting to Covid-19 demands

Thrilled with their find, the pair signed on the dotted line within 24 hours. But three weeks later, Covid-19 plunged the country into crisis - and lockdown.

“It was tough. But it was a dream of ours for so long that we decided we had to carry on. We are positive people, and we were hopeful that we would turn a corner to the new normal.”

Not even Covid-19 could stop Penny as her and partner Matt found a new way to keep sales going.

“We had to adapt to Covid-19 regulations by offering online reading and healing sessions and resumed to face to face therapies via appointments when we could.”

Evaluating business performance

With growing interest in the spiritual-holistic movement, we expect big things coming for this duo!

“People said we were mad to set up a business just two months after we met. It’s been a massive learning curve but after over 11 years together we still have the same drive and ambition. I think that’s why we have not given up and will continue to grow in the future.”

We’re very impressed at how our client has thrived in the face of many challenging obstacles and we look forward to supporting their growth in the next year and beyond.

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