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Providing security in an unpredictable world

Providing security in an unpredictable world
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Providing security in an unpredictable world
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

With over 25 years’ experience as bailiffs and security consultants, MS Webb & Co were confident they’d seen it all, but these past months have been far from predictable! Covid-19 had a huge impact on their business, with temporary government law enforcement resulting in overnight revenue losses. We spoke to Joe Webb to see how the company adapted to this sudden change and why they chose our Capital Business Centre, South Croydon as a base.

Well-connected in Croydon

For MS Webb & Co, the Capital Business Centre in Croydon is a perfect location for their main headquarters. The family-run business began life in South East London back in 1994, when Joe’s father Malcolm used his 20-plus years of enforcement work to set up his own enterprise.

“It’s where we’re all from. Croydon is easy to get to by public transport and by car, with easy access to the M25. We have clients all over the country so it’s really important to be able to travel to and from if needed.”

24/7 office access is key

The nature of MS Webb & Co’s business can often mean odd working hours in and out of the office as well as weekend work. Having an accessible, reliable workspace was a huge part of their decision to move to Capital Business Centre, having previously used a nearby unit.

“We get great value for money - it’s well run, and the reception staff are really helpful. The fact we can use the office 24/7 is a massive plus for us as we can be called out at all times for clients.”

The Covid-19 effect

In March 2020 as the virus gained momentum and the UK was plunged into a nationwide lockdown, Joe’s business took an incredibly tough blow. The government placed a three month ban on commercial landlords using enforcement agencies to recover unpaid rent.

“Commercial rent recovery and repossessions was about sixty-five percent of our turnover so to suddenly lose that was absolutely devastating.”

The ban has subsequently been extended several times and is now set to be lifted a full two years later, on the 25th of March 2022. Joe detailed how the business has adapted and survived this incredibly challenging period.

“We had to do something quickly, so we branched out into protection. There were more and more empty shops and offices, so we saw an opportunity there. We provided their security, alarms and on-site patrols.”


What’s next for MS Webb & Co

With business stable, albeit cautiously, Joe is now looking forward to growth for the business. The pandemic has presented many challenges, but also provided several learning opportunities.

“We’ve proven we can run on a lower turnover and have seen areas that we can cut back on. So, we’re confident we can grow the business even before the ban on rent recovery is lifted in March next year.”

We’re amazed at the resilience of this business. The ability to adapt and adjust in such difficult conditions is something to be commended. MS Webb and Co’s journey is one we are proud to support, and we look forward to seeing them better than ever in 2022! 

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