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£85,000 investment in Loughton

£85,000 investment in Loughton
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£85,000 investment in Loughton
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We’re pleased to unveil the new, upgraded roller shutter doors at Capital Space’s Loughton Seedbed Centre. The new addition provides a much-improved look to the front of our workshops in the centre, and a better all-around experience for our customers and visiting clients.

At Capital Space, we are always looking for areas to improve, develop and make sure to listen to our customer feedback. We have seen that improving our workspaces has a direct impact on our customers’ success, and so continue to invest across our nine centres.

Why roller shutter doors?

The brand-new roller shutter doors offer a practical, secure solution to 12 workshop and office frontages in block E at our Loughton Seedbed Centre. Made from mild steel, roller shutter doors provide a high level of security and peace of mind for our customers. The doors also retain heat and allow greater protection from the elements compared to standard doors. Featuring an easy-to-use button operation system, our customers are as satisfied with the mechanics as they are the aesthetics!

What our customers say

Tim Strudwick of Leisure Float, a customer at Loughton Seedbed Centre spoke of the new doors:

“It’s definitely improved the appearance of our unit and customers have commented on the new frontage. The new roller shutter doors fit better so no water can come through.”

Plans to extend the new roller shutter doors for customers in blocks A and C will take place in the spring.

We are delighted that the new doors have been well received by our customers and their clients alike. To find out more about our office spaces at our Loughton Seedbed Centre click here or call us on  0800 107 4667.