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The Benefits of the Cloud

The Benefits of the Cloud
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The Benefits of the Cloud
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The benefits of cloud computing are vast, especially as rising numbers of businesses are adopting a flexible working structure for their employees. Remote access to company data is near essential in 2021 and as the pandemic proved, many businesses can continue to thrive without staff in the office five days a week. The experts at Infotech , now part of the Air IT group, explain some of the reasons why your business should move to a cloud-based computing system.

Cloud computing is cheaper

Using a cloud-based server can be extremely cost-effective compared to a traditional, physical solution. Significantly less hardware is needed, and cloud providers automatically update their systems, taking the stress away from in-house IT Managers. Cloud-based solutions often operate on a subscription basis and so this highly efficient solution is often also budget friendly.

Share and collaborate easily over a cloud-based system

With data stored online, clients and colleagues can open, edit, and manage easily wherever they are. The same document can have various contributors without having to send around the original. Instead, you simply grant access or provide a link to the relevant people to open. This can reduce the chance of missed edits or comments on a document and ensure everyone is on the same page- literally!

Never run out of cloud storage

You aren’t restricted by the hardware or physical space with a cloud server. As you grow and require more storage you just upgrade your subscription. Most providers have several different storage options to suit your business needs.

Scale quickly with this flexible solution

Without a physical server and the need for a physical desk space (at least not immediately) you can employ staff and get them set up a lot faster. Consultants and remote employees can be onboarded with access to the company’s cloud almost instantly. This reduces costs and hassle to busy business owners, making the cloud a perfect solution for a growing enterprise.

Find the cloud anywhere  

Probably the most talked about aspect of the cloud is its ubiquitous nature. Accessible anywhere that has an internet connection, the cloud is an incredibly versatile tool for forward thinking businesses. Most cloud providers now have mobile apps to expand access to phones and tablets too, perfect for your remote staff and when you are on the go!

Cloud computing can give your business freedom and flexibility to adapt when needed, something we know our Capital Space customers value greatly. Our virtual offices go one step further with a truly remote office solution- you can find out more about them here .

Thank you to Infotech and Air IT for helping us with this article.

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