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E-bikes for everybody!

E-bikes for everybody!
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E-bikes for everybody!
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Despite the disruption and uncertainty of 2020, record numbers of new businesses were launched during the pandemic. One of those was the innovative electric bike company, Gron. Chris Collinge, a Capital Space customer at Milton Keynes Business Centre, set up the eco-friendly business in April last year with colleague Andy Dey, after Covid-19 put their priorities into perspective.

Pioneering during the pandemic

Luckily for Chris his app design business, wedoApps , was already set up for remote working when the world left the office to work from home. The more fundamental challenges of the pandemic did, however, give Chris a wake-up call.

‘We all had to think about our health first and then our businesses. How was this going to affect us and the people we employed?’

The result of that reflection led to diversification, and the creation of a brand-new venture in a completely different industry.

Looking back for inspiration

Chris detailed his desire to reject the notion of the ‘new normal’ and for him and Andy to open their minds to a new venture. A business that was refreshingly creative and challenged them to think outside the box.

‘We wanted to start something from scratch that was based on a simple idea and one rooted from childhood.’

Soon after, Andy returned from a trip abroad with a new, exciting idea that fit the bill perfectly.

‘Andy had come back recently from the Netherlands and sketched an idea in his head, and then on paper for “everything on two wheels”. An electric bike he had seen in Amsterdam, where people of all ages were enjoying cycling around the city.’

In fact, the majority of the people Andy saw on the bikes were over fifty with some nearer eighty! The idea that the electric technology of the bike was giving people the ability to ride a bike once again inspired Chris and Andy to begin development.

The birth of Gron

Chris’ experience in outsourcing and software meant he could make a real difference to people’s lives during and after the pandemic. The e-bike market was minuscule at the time of Gron’s development too - just 3% of the UK population owned one , so the opportunity was there to make the project a success.

Since we last spoke with Chris, Gron is now fully up and running. Their e-Bike is selling well, and in keeping with the green philosophy, they even plant a tree for each sale!

We’re proud of how Gron has managed to create a pioneering product and successful business, built from scratch. Their e-bike makes a difference to people’s health and the environment, what’s not to love? You can check out the bike on their website: Gron UK .

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