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ProKleen leads the way with new Cleaning Academy

ProKleen leads the way with new Cleaning Academy
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ProKleen leads the way with new Cleaning Academy
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

ProKleen has been providing high-quality commercial cleaning services for over 18 years, and the changing needs of their clients during the Covid-19 pandemic have increased demand for its services. We spoke to ProKleen’s Managing Director, Tim Martlew to find out how the company has responded to unpredictable recent events and what part its Capital Space premises in Milton Keynes plays in its ongoing growth.

Providing opportunity in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Business Centre provides the ideal hub for ProKleen to manage its innovative commercial cleaning enterprise. Managing Director Tim Martlew recognised the value of employing local cleaning companies as a regional manager for a major retailer and decided to start ProKleen 18 years ago. Now, ProKleen serves over 100 commercial businesses and employs more than 80 cleaning staff. Tim firmly believes that his valued team of cleaners set ProKleen apart from the competition and is passionately committed to becoming a living wage employer. Tim adds:

“What I really, genuinely believe is that our cleaners are like a community to us. Most of our staff have been with us for 18 years and we’ve built up this beautiful team. We are all about giving back - our staff are our business, and we look after them.”

A central location is key

One of ProKleen’s core principles is providing its staff with high-quality training to equip them to provide the best possible service to clients. Having a suitable area at the Milton Keynes Business Centre to teach new recruits is crucial to ProKleen’s ongoing success.

“We call our new office space our ‘Cleaning Academy.’ No-one is expected to go onto a site without training in every aspect of the role.”

ProKleen’s new premises at the Milton Keynes Business Centre has been instrumental in moving the business from strength to strength. Its accessible, prestigious location is an asset for interviewing new recruits and attracting new business. Tim remarks:

“The best word to describe it is vibrant. The staff on reception are fantastic and there are so many reasons to come in. Everybody can easily find it. We got our biggest contract eight weeks after moving in here!”

Responding to Covid-19

ProKleen’s services play a vital role in keeping workplaces safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, and this has allowed the company to flourish against the tough economic backdrop caused by lockdowns and restrictions. Around 20 clients have ramped up their cleaning schedule and hired additional cleaners to focus on touchpoint sanitisation. Tim reflects that the pandemic has highlighted the value of high-quality cleaning services to commercial clients.

“What clients have noticed is that it isn’t just Covid-19 that this is effective against. One customer told us that their staff sickness levels have reduced to virtually zero, and we think it could be down to the disinfecting we’re doing. Even when this is all over, they’re going to continue with the additional cleaning.”

A Bright Future for ProKleen

2022 is set to be an exciting year for ProKleen. Its new premises and a growing demand for workplace sanitisation have set the stage for expansion over the coming year. Although the company has focused on Milton Keynes thus far, Tim is looking forward to expanding to cover the Bedford and Northampton area.

“We didn’t have the right infrastructure in place, whereas we do now. The office that we’re in is really nice to have. Getting that structure in place has been great and there’s no reason now that we can’t give the same kind of service beyond Milton Keynes. The time is now.”

It’s wonderful to learn that ProKleen has flourished and is in a position to expand its service areas. Capital Space is delighted to support ProKleen’s important work as a fair employer keeping local workplaces clean and safe. We look forward to seeing ProKleen pursue its ambitious expansion project in 2022 and beyond.

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