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The benefits of a virtual office in Kings Hill

The benefits of a virtual office in Kings Hill
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The benefits of a virtual office in Kings Hill
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

With more and more businesses growing and making room for a virtual workforce, many are considering that now’s the right time to invest in a virtual office. Our good value virtual office spaces in our Churchill Square Business Centre in Kings Hill allow business owners to access the same services offered by a traditional, physical office space but via the internet- pretty ideal right! We have over 70 different businesses who have signed up to virtual office packages with us so why not join their ranks?

What is a virtual office?

Prior to the worldwide reality of locked-down society, the virtual office was still a popular market in the business world.  The foundations for the virtual office  concept were first laid back in the 1960s, and ever since the industry has gone from strength to strength. 

A virtual office provides businesses with a variety of services to create an established, professional image.

Typically, a virtual office package includes the following options:

  • An official business address.
  • Company name displayed in the Capital Space reception area.
  • Call answering and forwarding from professional receptionists.
  • Discounted access to physical meeting rooms and free on-site car parking.
  • Simple monthly licence enabling you to cancel your contract with a month’s notice
  • Mailing services.

The benefits of our virtual office space location

Here are 7 ways your employees, and your business, can benefit from our Kings Hill virtual office location:

1. Credible Business

Having a “Churchill Square Business Centre, Kings Hill” business address ensures your brand maintains a credible, professional, and legitimate business image. Using a physical business address and office phone number on your business cards, website, and email increases trust in prospects and clients as opposed to seeing a mobile number and home address.

2. No Commute – environmentally friendly

Since you have no office, you have no commute. This makes virtual offices more environmentally friendly than traditional office space. Cutting out the commute decreases carbon dioxide emissions, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. No commute also means you save travel costs and time.

3. Cost-Effective

One of the main advantages of a virtual office is that they are much more cost-effective than a traditional physical office. Most importantly, and why many choose a virtual office, is because you pay for a prestigious business address without paying the large rents that come with it. This enables you to keep business expenses low as you reduce costs of commuting, office equipment, office maintenance and utilities, work attire and all other associated costs of a brick-and-mortar space.

4. Admin

Our Kings Hill virtual offices can provide a reception service, so you’ll never miss a call! Our Churchill Square Business Centre has friendly and skilful staff ready to take calls under your business name and email over any messages. They will also sign for any deliveries and accept post on your behalf.

5. Easy Expansion

A virtual office allows you to expand your business without needing to move to a larger office. This is a lower cost and stress-free alternative to traditional expansion which requires relocating to a larger office and paying even greater rent prices. Because space is not a limiting factor, growing businesses can use a virtual office address to establish a presence in a new location or have multiple offices around the country, while testing out the market there without the cost of relocating to that area.

6. No Long-Term Commitments

Our Kings Hill virtual offices are rented on a monthly basis, so there are no long-term lease agreements like there are with most other physical office providers. You may use and pay for the virtual office address for as long or as little as you need it.

7. Increase Satisfaction & Productivity

Virtual office solutions are great at increasing employee satisfaction – this is because they give employees the chance to work from home, save money on the commute, and ultimately have more freedom and a more flexible work-life balance.

Capital Space founded its first physical business centre in 1998 and today has nine locations in the South East, seven of which provide virtual office services. Contact the centre on 01732 523415 or to discuss how Capital Space could help you set up your virtual office.