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The future is bright for EOS Lighting

The future is bright for EOS Lighting
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The future is bright for EOS Lighting
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We sat down with Brian Glynn, Director and co-founder of EOS Lighting to discuss the business’ journey so far and review some of the defining moments along the way of the company’s growth. Along with business partner Lee Barham, EOS has grown from the dining room table to big name clients and a workspace at Greenway Business Centre in Harlow, Essex.

Hitting the ground running

Lighting manufacturers and distributors, EOS was formed in March 2018, initially with three co-founders although this became two as Brian and Lee took control of the growing business. With over 30 years’ experience in the lighting industry, Brian was perfectly placed to take the plunge himself. It was a disaster in his previous role fitting lights in an Amazon distribution centre that was the defining moment in his quest to set out on his own:

“We fitted 12,000 lights and all 12,000 were recalled. I was stuck in the middle trying to please my employer but also keep the client happy.  I knew there must be a better way so that was a key turning point for me.”

For many new business owners, the first few months can be a challenge. EOS was fortunate to start with reputable clients who, fortunately, paid for projects upfront boosting cashflow and setting the business off on the right foot

Lighting the way throughout the pandemic

EOS’s main business comes from local authorities and commercial and industrial properties and have included the likes of Telefonica and Westfield Shopping Centre. When the pandemic hit, Brian and EOS were once again in the fortunate position of being mid-project with several clients which carried them through the leaner patch.

“The pandemic did slow our growth, which was expected of course. We missed our sales targets, but we were lucky to be involved with a number of projects that kept us going and actually continued our growth.”

The future of EOS

Brian’s goals for his business are to continue the impressive rate of growth EOS has made during its four years. Maintaining success during the pandemic was something only very robust businesses achieved, so we are confident Brian, and his team can achieve great things in the coming years.

“I’d like to also bring in two or three new full-time members of staff to increase capacity. I’m hoping this will create a snowball effect of growth year on year.”

The overall aim for Brian, as admittedly work-life balance is a struggle, would be for Lee and himself to be in a position where they could take a backward step in around five years’ time.

“The aim is to get us to a point where myself and Lee hand off to some trusted people so we can make the broad decisions and keep a gentle eye on everything.”

Life at Greenway Business Centre

Brian spoke of how Greenway Business Centre supports EOS’ goals and how the space is perfectly suited to the growing business’ needs.

“The level of support we received from Greenway Business Centre made the decision an easy one. It’s exactly the right size and the fact we have our own front door just makes it ideal.”

The facilities at Greenway allow EOS to easily accommodate small meetings within their unit and larger groups in the centre’s meeting rooms.

We are always excited to speak to ambitious and successful customers at Capital Space business centres and we wish Brian, Lee and EOS the best of luck for the rest of 2022 and beyond! If you would like to discuss flexible workspace solutions for your business, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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