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Nurturing office space for an ambitious care organisation

Nurturing office space for an ambitious care organisation
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Nurturing office space for an ambitious care organisation
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

A supportive, nurturing base in the high-quality workspaces at Milton Keynes Business Centre gave registered manager of Peach Care Services Elvis Idegbekwu the confidence to rebrand, relaunch and set ambitious, innovative long-term targets for his enterprise.

An unusual route into the care industry

With a degree in civil engineering and a master’s in computer science, Elvis Idegbekwu didn’t take a typical route into the care industry. It was his short spell working with young adults with learning disabilities that changed everything.

“I was blown away by the carers and how they made a real difference to the young people. The value that they added to their lives was immeasurable.”

A secure base for a transforming care organisation

Having made the decision to move into the care industry, Elvis began working for a reputable personal services provider, which was based at Milton Keynes Business Centre. He made his way up the management ladder and when the company director left the business, Elvis was the obvious choice to take on the role and lead the rebrand.

“After the director called to say she was leaving the business I had three months to get ready for the rebrand launch. Fortunately, the company had built up such a great reputation and many clients and staff had decided to stay with us.”

The re-launch allowed Elvis to take a more staff-focused approach. People working for Peach Care Services are now paid a higher hourly rate for every mile they travel to clients.

Future plans for Peach Care Services

At present, most of the company’s staff work with the elderly in their homes providing a range of personalised care. However, Elvis has ambitions to expand Peach Care Services’ client base.

“We would love to work more with children and young people. For me, it’s the most exciting and rewarding area of care and something we all feel passionate about.”

Elvis also outlined three care provision targets for the next three to five years:

  • To expand into new properties, primarily for supported living clients.
  • Become the number one care service for staff and for children’s care in Milton Keynes.
  • Open a new social space for clients that is different from a traditional old people’s home.

Why Milton Keynes Business Centre is the perfect office space for a care provider

Despite the many changes Elvis has implemented into his business, he has stayed in the office space at Milton Keynes Business Centre because it provided the support services, nurturing environment and consistency he needed to ensure a successful organisational transition.

“The staff are always extremely friendly and helpful. I love how Capital Space really help new businesses succeed with its expertise and the network it provides in their centres.”

Peach Care Services are looking to change the game with innovative future plans and a staff-focused approach. We are excited to see this care provider’s ambitions develop in the coming years at Milton Keynes Business Centre.