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Seamless licensing with DocuSign

Seamless licensing with DocuSign
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Seamless licensing with DocuSign
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Capital Space is one of the best-known quality workspace providers in the Southeast, offering a wide range of office, workshop and studio spaces. The company operates nine business centres serving more than 700 clients and prides itself on its straightforward and affordable monthly licence system.

DocuSign is one of the key tools used by Capital Space for seamless licence turnarounds. This system has allowed the company to adopt faster, more flexible licence processing without geographical constraints. Furthermore, deploying DocuSign has significantly reduced paper usage to create systems that are as sustainable as they are convenient.

DocuSign Identify enables remote verification

Until recently, Capital Space issued printed licence agreements with supporting Direct Debit mandates. Although this is standard practice in the real estate agency industry, using such a system required significant amounts of paper-based documentation.

Not only did this system use a lot of paper, but it also meant licensing took longer. Printing and mailing licence documents to customers and waiting for them to return these documents reduced Capital Space’s control and oversight of the signing process. Therefore, issuing licences manually proved to be expensive and long-winded.

Furthermore, obtaining proof of identity made the process even more time-consuming because directors of client companies had to attend a business centre in-person to verify their identification documents. While the verification process itself was relatively quick and straightforward, it often required to customers to travel long distances from home.

Fortunately, DocuSign provides a convenient solution to both these issues. DocuSign eSignature has facilitated digital licence signing, removing the need to post paper copies and making it easier to ensure that to customers receive the correct paperwork. Meanwhile, utilising DocuSign Identify allows Capital Space to verify its to customers’ identities remotely, significantly speeding up key processes and improving convenience for business directors.

Switching from paper to digital with DocuSign eSignature

Milton Keynes centre manager Matt Roberts has been instrumental in developing efficient, time-effective processes in his role as Capital Space’s DocuSign Administrator. Alongside managing the Milton Keynes Business Centre , Matt is responsible for transforming traditional paper-based systems into streamlined remote workflows.

Matt’s team first started exploring the potential of DocuSign eSignature in 2019 and began deploying it in early 2020. Its deployment couldn’t have been timelier, replacing face-to-face and postal agreement processes just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, DocuSign technology has allowed Capital Space to revolutionise its practices by switching to smart digital workflows.

Company employees and customers quickly started to benefit from this new way of operating, and Capital Space could now issue licences within a single day. Crucially, DocuSign allowed Capital Space to protect its customers and staff without compromising on efficient service, thanks to its remote processing capabilities.

Remote verification and signing isn’t the only way that DocuSign improves efficiency. With eSignature, the company can customise a template for each of its complex processes. This improves the accuracy of licence-agreement documents because they can be automatically populated with each customers’ data.

Matt believes that DocuSign has helped Capital Space to meet its core business aims, which include replacing manual processes with digital workflows to improve accuracy and efficiency. In fact, Capital Space estimates that its paper usage has reduced by as many as 15,000 sheets since February 2021. The new systems have also enabled closer oversight of electronic data, allowing the company to process and store documents more effectively.

A digital future for Capital Space

Thanks to the success of the DocuSign rollout, Capital Space customers can now view and sign crucial documents from anywhere. The flexibility of a digitised system has significantly cut down on admin and waiting times for business owners and Capital Space colleagues alike. Perhaps most significantly, deploying DocuSign has allowed the company to slash the time taken to sign licence agreements. Previously, this process took at least a week. It has gone down to less than 48 hours for over half of the agreements generated.


Following these achievements, Capital Space is continuously exploring new ways to implement digital systems and make them more convenient for customers . So, what’s next for Capital Space and DocuSign? Matt and his team are forging ahead with even more advancements in digital documentation, and clients should be seeing the benefits very soon.

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