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Adapting to the changing business landscape

Adapting to the changing business landscape
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Adapting to the changing business landscape
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The current economic climate and world events has affected almost every aspect of daily life with inflation four times as high as it was just last June. New Greenway Business Centre customer, Mark Brown of Enviro London acted swiftly, listening to customer demand and responding to the supply chain issues eating away at his existing roofing business.

Starting from lofty heights

Mark has spent 35 years in the roofing industry working alongside his father, Latterly, Mark’s son has joined him to continue the family business. The industry however is under threat due to shortages in materials - items that would have previously arrived next day are now taking several months! This uncontrollable external pressure began to affect Mark’s love of the job. On his roofing business, which Mark continues to run alongside his new venture, he comments:

‘Sometimes I enjoy it but the way it is going with getting hold of materials, it’s becoming tougher and tougher.’

Pivot to Waste Removal

In addition to his supply chain frustrations, Mark’s roofing customers began to enquire about other services.

‘We are consistently asked whether we could take waste away from our roofing jobs. We also create a good amount of waste, so I thought why not turn this into a business.’

Mark has since invested £40,000 into a specialist waste collection vehicle and is up and running from his new base at Greenway Business Centre. Gaining custom from his roofing clientele and through word of mouth, Mark is keen to build up his new business to one day replace his roofing work.

‘I think I would like it to be bigger and eventually become the main business. It’s not reliant on materials- I just need the van!’

Why Greenway Business Centre

Mark moved into his new office space in April of this year as a base for Enviro London. When asked why he chose Greenway over the nearby competition, he picked out two key areas.

‘It really has a nice feel and friendly atmosphere. If you’re going to spend a lot of time working, then it makes sense to do it in nice surroundings. I also love the monthly license. As a new business, I didn’t want to be tied into a year contract.’

Enviro London: One year on

Looking twelve months ahead, Mark would like to add additional staff members and a new van to expand his resources.

‘I will need someone in Greenway to handle all my bookings and admin pretty soon so that will be my next project. I suppose a new van for my son too! It will double the amount of jobs we can do so it’ll be worth the investment.’

We wish Mark all the best in growing his new business in Greenway Business Centre and look forward to checking in with him in the coming months.

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