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We’re expanding our office space in Croydon

We’re expanding our office space in Croydon
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We’re expanding our office space in Croydon
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We’ve got exciting news to share! We’ve purchased an extra 30,000 square foot of land in Croydon which will expand Capital Business Centre by 50 percent . The centre has been hugely popular with SMEs who want affordable and flexible serviced office space in London. Our founder, Peter Boam, has been explaining his decision to expand the centre.   

Our new land   

Capital Business Centre is highly successful, with its customers enjoying our affordable, simple monthly licence, in a location with great links to the entire city of London . The current space of our centre in Croydon measures 56,678.2 square fee t and is bordered by two railway lines – the East Grinstead line and the London to Brighton line.   

Our founder, Peter Boam, explains : " I took the opportunity to purchase the land now because this is the only way that we can extend our very successful centre. We’re hemmed in on both sides by main railway lines and allotments.” Our newly acquired land will grow the space by 50 percent , enabling more SMEs to run their business es from our centre.   

The need for commercial land in Croydon   

The need for commercial land in Croydon has been apparent from the enquiries we’ve had from local business owners wanting to base their business at Capital Business Centre. “There is a lack of industrial space in Croydon because land values for residential development are very much higher than for industrial use, driven by the huge unmet demand for housing, and so redevelopment of previously developed land favours residential use,” says Pet er .  

Our plans for the expansion   

“The property is let until 2025.” Peter explains , “When it becomes available, we envisage redeveloping it to provide offices and workshops with the emphasis on workshops.” Our workshops in Capital Business Centre are units suitable for leisure, recreational and other businesses. They’re very flexible, with different sizes and configurations, which means that business owners can use them in a way that meets their business’s needs.   

"All our current workshops have a large roller shutter door, which is great if you’ll frequently be receiving large deliveries and your company’s name displayed at the entrance of the business park, letting visitors know of your business’s presence at the centre.   

"Capital Space is very fortunate to have secured this additional resource that will enable us to expand our business in this vibrant part of London,” Peter concludes.   

If you’re after a ffordable office space in London, or across the South East, then please get in touch with our team .

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