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Boosting our solar panel prowess at Loughton Seedbed Centre

Boosting our solar panel prowess at Loughton Seedbed Centre
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Boosting our solar panel prowess at Loughton Seedbed Centre
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Capital Space have always been aware of the environmental impact that businesses can have, and so have been investing in greener energy since the installation of our first solar panel at Capital Business Centre , Croydon in 2012. Capital Space business centres now sport 23 systems across six sites! New plans for Loughton Seedbed Centre will see their first solar panels installed by JSK Electrical Services .

Solar investment for Loughton Seedbed Centre

Proposals will see buildings B and D equipped panels that will produce between 20,000 and 30,000kWh. The plans are already in motion with rooftop preparations underway and upgraded electrics currently being installed. This will make Loughton the seventh site to benefit from solar power by the end of the year.

Managing Director Peter Boam spoke of the installation, ‘We’re fully committed to investing in renewable energy. We have put many other green initiatives into place to help reduce the impact our centres have on the environment.’

The centre comprises of 42 units, including 24 offices ranging in size from 250 ft² to 450 ft2 whilst workshops range from 1100 ft2 to 1480 ft².

Why we are investing in solar

Throughout the years, it has been our mission to reduce our carbon footprint as well as our customer’s individual impact. To do so, Capital Space has introduced charging points for electric vehicles, improved the ecology of the surrounding grounds and promoted recycling at our centres. Each of our centres also has a nominated Eco Champion tasked with researching and implementing carbon-friendly initiatives.

Navigating the cost-of-living crisis with solar power

Escalating energy prices are leaving business owners desperately searching for cheaper ways to heat and light workplaces. Solar panels store the sun’s energy and convert it for use. Solar energy is efficient- both for the wallet and for the environment. This green energy source can reduce energy bills by hundreds of pounds a year and can now pay back the investment in just four years.

We’re excited to see the finished product at Loughton and to take another step in our eco mission. Read our related blogs below for more information on our green initiatives at Capital Space.