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Jade Arnold Beauty’s success at the King’s Hill centre

Jade Arnold Beauty’s success at the King’s Hill centre
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Jade Arnold Beauty’s success at the King’s Hill centre
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Jade Arnold Beauty is a beautician salon that offers a wide range of treatments like eyelash tinting, waxing and facials. Alongside this, Jade offers sports massages and reflexology treatments in our Churchill Square Business Centre . The owner offers up a sanctuary for her clients, so we decided to discover her tips and tricks when running a salon.

Jumping into the deep end

After her previous salon which she worked in closed in 2017, Jade Arnold saw the opportunity to set up her own business and moved to the Kings Hill space in October 2020 to expand and make the suite her own. Even with the hardships of the pandemic when she opened, and the current cost of living crisis, Jade continued with her passion and strives to give her clients the best possible experience she can.

“With the uncertainty of the pandemic and the constant opening and closing, it was stressful, and I feared my clients would not return, but upon permanently reopening in April 2021, they came back, which I am very fortunate and grateful for!”

Working at as a beautician

After working in different salons from the age of 16, it’s no surprise Jade offers unique experiences and many different treatments for clients.

“In lockdown I trained in reflexology, which I am incorporating into everything I offer. It’s been a real hit with my clients.”

Jade always knew she wanted to work in a job where she could make people happy with her hard work and despite seeming daunting at first, her dedication has certainly paid off!

“I’ve always had a good support network who always lend a hand when things may seem challenging!”

Why Churchill Square was the perfect choice

From previously working in a small salon in the West Malling area, Jade decided it was time to relocate to a new space, Churchill Square’s offices proved to be the easy choice!

“I heard about your spaces through a client of mine who runs their own business in one of your spaces. It was word of mouth and I had to see it for myself!”

“I’m a big fan of the environment and how quiet it is. It creates the exact atmosphere I need for my clients! Not only that, but parking also used to be a nightmare at my old location and one of the many benefits you offer is the space you have for cars!”

After securing her new space, Jade was also free to adapt it make it the best environment for her clients, all whilst being able to call it her own!

Growth and future plans

Jade has many plans to further her business in the coming year. She is hoping to expand to have another room so she can maximise her resources and skills. Likewise, she is considering expanding her team.

“Having a second room would be an amazing addition!”

“I’m currently putting into motion working Saturdays again as people are now free again to come due to everyone returning to work.”

Business tips

When running a business largely alone, there comes struggles, but Jade continues to prove that you can make it work and still thrive.

“I started as the beauty therapist, cleaner, accountant and marketer, which was very daunting initially, but it’s allowed me to get where I am now.”

She proves that hard work pays off with time as she now has a dedicated client base who always return for her friendly chats, professional service and safe environment.

We are extremely proud of what Jade has achieved in 2022 and the specialist services she offers to her Kings Hill clients. Jade eloquently shows how hard work pays off if you persevere. We are excited to see her business journey going into 2023 and supporting her business’ growth in years to come!