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Delivering Lasting Education in Kings Hill

Delivering Lasting Education in Kings Hill
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Delivering Lasting Education in Kings Hill
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Long- time Churchill Square Business Centre customer, Steve McGill of Lasting Education started his tutoring business 20 years after he first stepped foot into a classroom as a qualified teacher in 1993. Now, over eight years later, Steve is a successful small business owner with an interesting story to tell about his route to our Kings Hill offices.

A career curveball

Steve began teaching back in 1993 and has held wide-ranging roles from a Caretaker to Headteacher. However, like many business owners his path involved quite a significant pivot. A former history teacher kindly let Steve use a computer to aid his graphic design degree where he was encouraged to make the move into teaching once he’d graduated. Steve adds:

‘As fate would have it, my partner at the time had heard about a teaching vacancy that had opened up near where she lived. A number of applicants had dropped out and I took the chance and have been teaching ever since.’

Why teaching?

When you’ve been in the same industry as long as Steve it can be difficult to define exactly why you do what you do. However, digging down and finding your ‘why’ can be beneficial both personally and professionally. Steve comments:

‘It’s difficult- I’ve been teaching as long as I can remember! I would say building confidence of the children has to be a key factor. It’s rewarding working with young people who are square pegs in round holes and helping shape their own path. Showing that they are more capable than they or their parents or teachers thought.’

Leaving teaching challenges

A common challenge for new small business owners is the jump from a safe, employed role to the uncertainty surrounding a new venture. Although Steve had been teaching for 20 years, the business aspect was new and something he knew he would need support with.

‘My dad had successfully run his own business for a number of years so sort of became my business mentor. I also had a lot of support from mum and my partner- so a real family effort!’

Lasting Education provides an array of out-of-school tutoring ranging from primary support to secondary and GCSEs.

Choosing a suitable location

Steve left his role as head  of a small Kent school at Christmas of 2013 and after a year of helping friends and colleagues with emergency supply teaching, he took up residence at Churchill Square Business Centre in January 2015. Like any of our customers, it was the flexibility of our rolling monthly license that attracted Steve and Lasting Education to Capital Space.

‘Nearly every other place I looked at was a minimum of a 12-month contract with some as long as three years. It was also the location which is a perfect spot for what we do as the 11+ is important for families in Kings Hill .’

Steve is a great example of utilising your strengths and getting support for your weaknesses as a new business owner. We look forward to helping Lasting Education for many years to come!

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