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Mivvy Creative’s Snowdon Adventure

Mivvy Creative’s Snowdon Adventure
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Mivvy Creative’s Snowdon Adventure
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

One of our generous Churchill Square Business Centre residents, Mivvy Creative , are organising a fundraiser in support of an inspirational young boy who has already battled more setbacks than most in their lifetime. 

About Finley

Finley Jones is a sweet, young boy who defied all the odds whilst growing up. At just two days old he developed Meningitis which went undiagnosed. This caused long-term brain damage resulting in quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and many other health conditions. His parents were told that he may only live a few weeks, and took him home with them, but miraculously,  Finley defied all the odds and started to show improvements.

Now nine years old, Finley continues to be a little fighter; his journey is heart-breaking and inspirational in equal measure. Every year he faces dozens of hospital trips, and the risk of deterioration is a constant worry for his family. Despite his health conditions, Finley continues to light up the world with his spirit and smile. His brave and supportive family help him to enjoy as normal a life as possible, but it is not easy, and securing funding is an ongoing challenge. Unfortunately, the treatment is not funded through the NHS and many charities are no longer able to help due to budget cuts.

Churchill Square does Snowdon

Our Churchill Square customers will be organising and participating in a hike of Mount Snowdon where they will be pushing and carrying Finley to the top, giving him an adventure to remember whilst raising funds to replace the well-used wheelchair and off-road buggy that he’s outgrown. A specialist piece of equipment that greatly improves Finley’s quality of life but can cost over £15,000 to buy. Any additional funds raised will go toward providing continued support for things like the monthly physio sessions that make a world of difference to him. 

The challenge will be completed at the end of June and look forward to sharing their journey with everyone as they begin their training. It’s such an amazing cause and we are so proud that those at Mivvy Creative are so passionate in their support. We wish them all the best on this amazing adventure!

What else can be done in support

There will also be fundraising events including quiz nights, gin tasting, as well as a corporate golf day and a charity gala in the near future to help raise more for Finley. All support is welcome, and every ounce of funding  is greatly appreciated.

They are still looking for corporate sponsorship, participation, and tables to be reserved for the gala event, so get in contact . If you happen to own a set of hiking boots and like the sound of taking the happiest little boy to the top of a Welsh mountain, join the team!