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Providing a positive work space for businesses in Kings Hill

Providing a positive work space for businesses in Kings Hill
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Providing a positive work space for businesses in Kings Hill
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

There’s no denying that the office environment plays a big role in employee productivity. After all, it’s where workers spend the majority of their time during the week. That is why here at Capital Space, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our business centres to create a vibrant workspace where businesses can thrive. Below we share the improvements that are currently underway at our Churchill Business Centre near Maidstone .

An attractive site for different businesses

From health and beauty to recruitment, our Churchill Square Business Centre is home to a wide range of businesses and in total, caters to 23 different industries. The centre is currently undergoing a revamp to help maximise the productivity and wellbeing of our customers occupying offices in Churchill Square. The changes that are being made are as follows:

Air conditioning in all communal areas

We all know that hot temperatures in an office can make you feel both physically and mentally sluggish, which as a result can cause difficulty in concentrating and mistakes can be easily made. So, we are currently in the process of fitting air con into building 80, where our reception and meeting rooms in Churchill Square are located. Once this is complete, all the communal areas in the business centre will benefit from air con.

With temperatures reaching a scorching 40 degrees in the UK last summer , air conditioning will benefit our small business customers, creating a more pleasant working space.

Adding some colour to our outside area

Here at Capital Space, we feel passionately about improving our customers’ surroundings and developing a positive atmosphere to help aid with wellbeing and business success. To help create this, we have turfed a service delivery road with green grass and will be adding rewilding flower areas and more picnic benches.

Studies show that exposure to nature makes people’s attention sharper , boosts wellbeing and productivity . We are hoping this area will help our clients have lunchtime away from a computer screen or team meetings in the fresh air!

New boiler replacement in all office buildings

As the temperatures in the UK drops rapidly in the winter, it’s important for us to provide a warm and comfortable environment for our customers. The installation of new boilers will be a staggered project benefitting all 8 buildings on the square. We have started replacing the boilers in building 30 and will go onto building 80 once it is complete.

At Capital Space, we always try and do our bit for the environment, so by replacing the boilers, the amount of energy needed to heat the premise is reduced. As a business our carbon footprint is smaller, our costs are reduced and our clients are kept warm in the winter, it’s a win win!

Does your business need workspace?

We are here to help! Capital Space offers a flexible, monthly licence and is home to a diverse range of small, medium and large businesses. If you are interested in becoming a part of our vibrant community of business owners, please get in contact .

Here at Capital Space, we work hard to provide a workspace for our clients which aids productivity, collaboration and flexibility. Remember, even small changes to your environment can significantly improve your work day. If you are interested in some business tips, check out our latest insights

Question and Answer


Do you have offices situated in Building 80 available to rent?

Yes, we do currently have an office available to rent in Kings Hill located in Building 80. It is 21sq m, meaning it can accommodate up to five people. The building is where the centre management team are located so if you need business support services, they are easily available.