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Johnson Technical Systems – the business brother duo

Johnson Technical Systems – the business brother duo
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Johnson Technical Systems – the business brother duo
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Nearly 20 years ago, two brothers set up their own outsourced IT support company to ensure the small and medium sized businesses they cater for are cyber secured. Johnson Technical Systems was founded by Simon Johnson in 2004, and later in 2009, he was joined by his brother Nick. As the two company directors are based in our Waterhouse Business Centre in Chelmsford, we decided to investigate what support they give to their clients, why the right office space has made all the difference to their business and the secrets of their success.

Offering technical systems support

Being an outsourced IT company, Simon and Nick use their expertise to ensure small and medium sized enterprises’ IT and cyber security is managed – so they don't have the cost of employing staff to look after their IT.

“We set up our business to allow small medium sized businesses to focus on their main goals whilst we deal with the technical side,” says Nick.

Johnson Technical Systems offer many different services to their clients that help to provide a more comprehensive and personal service than their competitors. For example, they offer management of their IT systems and provide them with support network upgrades, cloud infrastructure, cloud storage, plus strategic support and a help desk.

Nick continues, “We make it our business so you can run yours.”

Why Waterhouse Business Centre makes the cut for small businesses

For the 20 employees of Johnson Technical Systems, it was essential for their workspace to be comfortable and their own. This is what made the business centre at Chelmsford their perfect choice.

Simon explains, “We chose this centre because it's a good location and a good central hub for our employees and clients. This wasn't the only benefit, as they offered the flexible contract terms which meant we were not tied down in a long contract.

“Also, the ability to customise your own space made it all the worthwhile. We believe the workspace atmosphere is very important, alongside making the space you work in unique to you, as you will be spending a lot of time in it – which is why we chose Chelmsford.”

Business tips – going above and beyond

The brother duo offer their tricks and tips for those who are wanting to take a plunge and set up a new business.

Nick shares, “Going the extra mile with clients is important. It's so easy to give someone the service they pay for but by going above and beyond, it demonstrates to that person that you can do something over and above your contract. It opens the door to provide more services down the road as well as building credibility in making sure your clients don't go anywhere else.

He continues, “Don't stop when your obligations end. Make the extra effort and show what else you can do for them to go that extra mile.”

Growth and future plans.

Nick and Simon have their company’s 20th anniversary coming up. Running a business for such a length of time, whilst consistently performing for their clients is a truly amazing milestone.

“We cannot wait to celebrate our 20th anniversary at Johnson's Technical Systems. With each year we have been of service to our clients, it just pushes us to keep going and deliver more to them,” says Simon.

Here at Capital Space, we work hard to provide a workspace for our clients that allows them to express themselves. We look forward to Johnson Technical Systems’ 20th anniversary and their future endeavours. If you are interested in some business tips, check out our  latest insights .