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How to make your workplace more engaging for your employees

How to make your workplace more engaging for your employees
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How to make your workplace more engaging for your employees
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

With employee engagements reported at an all-time low in 2022, according to HR Director , it has never been so important to consider the workplace environment for your employees. Although many employers are aware of this, many are unsure how to go about it. Below we share some tips on how to create a more engaging workspace that will reap benefits for both the employee and employer.

Celebrate people – not just their work

One way to increase employee engagement is to celebrate the people who make up your team. The more you can recognise and appreciate those who work for you, the more likely they are to feel invested in their jobs – and therefore motivated to do their best work.

Here are some ways to recognise and celebrate your employees :

  1. Provide regular feedback on performance.
  2. Share success stories with other co-workers and on your companies’ social media channels.
  3. Give meaningful rewards and recognition. Such as bonus’ or promotions.
  4. Celebrate birthdays with a card, cake or even a team lunch out.

Make space for socialising

Creating an environment where people feel comfortable interacting with each other, and their colleagues really helps promote engagement. A kitchen or break out area would suffice, it doesn’t have to be fancy, but the area should allow employees the chance to sit down together and chat during the day. Organise a day out every month where the team can all get together and do something fun. This could be bowling, dinner, going to a show or a team building activity.  Socialising at work isn't just good for engagement — it also improves productivity and creativity.

Creating an open culture for your employees

A great way to engage employees is by creating an open culture , where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and making suggestions about how systems or processes can be done better or more effectively. This helps create innovation within your organisation by encouraging people to think outside of the box. One way you could encourage this is by hosting a lunch and learn meeting every couple of weeks – an informal setting may help your employees to feel at ease and contribute more to the discussion.

Ensure employees are not overworking themselves

Keeping an eye on how your employees are working, can help you to ensure they don’t overwork themselves. Losing sight of this can lead to damaging effects on the business and them as an employee Exhausted, tired and stressed employees could lead to a reduction in their quality of work, and even time off work due to health issues. By ensuring everyone takes intervals of annual leave throughout the year and by putting limits on working hours required by the company, you can support employees to create a healthy work life balance.

Another way to check in with your employees is by having quick catch ups with them every couple of weeks. This allows employees a chance to say if there is anything they are struggling with and you can discuss how the business can support them.

Improving employee engagement has reaps of benefits from increased individual responsibility, increased autonomy, improved morale, and an increase in productivity. If you are looking for a modern workspace that allows your business to have creative control, please contact us , we’d love to assist you.