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How ceiling tiles will improve our energy efficiency

How ceiling tiles will improve our energy efficiency
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How ceiling tiles will improve our energy efficiency
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Over the years, Capital Space have implemented many changes across its business centres that will have a significant impact for the future. Our latest investment to improve energy efficiency is for our studio customers at Waterhouse Business Centre . Four studio customers are gaining insulated ceiling tiles. Read on to find out more about the improvements.

The studio’s makeover

Four studios at Waterhouse Business Centre are getting insulated ceiling tiles - not only do the tiles offer a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish but they are good for the environment. The insulated tiles are great at keeping the heat in, without the need for powerful radiators and heating systems. They will help to keep our heating bills down and our customers happy. Insulating ceiling tiles made from stone wool also provide our work spaces with exceptional humidity resistance. Made from a breathable material, it means that the tiles won’t sag or fall victim to dampness and other water damage over time.

Studios for all type of business

Across our business centres, we offer studios which are ideal for trade counters or light industrial spaces for small businesses and creative startups. They offer front signage above the door and access straight from the free car park so your clients and customers can easily find you without any worry. All our studios are modern and contemporary and ready for you to customise with your own furniture or equipment, and you can choose from a variety of business support packages.

Our other eco initiatives at Capital Space

Like most businesses, Capital Space are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon emissions and improve our eco initiatives. Here are our latest initiatives:

  • Across all of our business centres we reduced our car park lighting to lower light pollution and by doing so have saved 11½ tonnes of CO2 ;
  • We have recently invested in having solar panels installed at our Loughton Seedbed Centre to use more renewable energy and minimise our CO2 usage;
  • Our Milton Keynes site has planted six cherry trees. Planting trees is a wonderful way to help reduce our carbon emissions and simultaneously improves the surroundings of our business centres;
  • We invested in 1000 new certifiable green-friendly, bioplastic, compostable pens for our meeting rooms;
  • We planted plant 40,000 wildflowers around our Milton Keynes site.

We are looking forward to seeing the ceiling upgrades finished at Chelmsford as we further our investment to improve energy efficiency for our studio customers. Read our related blogs below for more information on our green initiatives at Capital Space.

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