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Simple, monthly licences guarantee flexibility for businesses

Simple, monthly licences guarantee flexibility for businesses
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Simple, monthly licences guarantee flexibility for businesses
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

When you're renting a business space, you want to be able to adjust your setup as and when your business requires. You don't want to be stuck with a lease that's too long or too short, or one that doesn't let you expand or downsize as needed. It's a headache—and it can cost you money. Our workspaces offer license flexibility for every one of our customers.

License Flexibility

License flexibility when renting a business space is not just preferable, it can also contribute to the overall success of your business. If you're looking at making the leap into entrepreneurship, but don't have the foresight to predict exactly how much space you might need in the coming months and years, a flexible solution may be the perfect place to start. Renting an office space can be a great way to get started, and many of our customers have grown their businesses within the walls of our business centres. By offering serviced office and workspaces we provide our customers with everything they need to succeed.

By choosing a flexible license agreement you are in control of your business overheads, and at Capital Space there are no restrictions on what kind of business can be run at our locations, and no restrictions on who can rent it out and use it for their own purpose! No matter the size of your business, we understand that enabling this flexibility is crucial, as it provides a welcome safety net around your fledgling business.

Capital Space’s License Flexibility offers

Aside from wonderful working environments and friendly staff on hand to help, another factor that draws many of our customers to our workspaces is the flexibility of our simple, monthly license. A total of 29 customers have either downsized or upgraded their workspace with us in the first quarter of this year versus 48 across the whole of last year. This demonstrates how useful our flexible, monthly licence is, and how easy it is for our customers to adapt their workspace to meet the evolving needs of their business.

Ensuring our customers are happy to stay with us and still be able to keep growing is a key value we hold at Capital Space and one that is vital to many of our customers.

Why our residents love our simple monthly license flexibility

“It is a fantastic place,” says Peach Care Services founder and Managing Director Elvis Idegbekwu. Peach has already moved from its original unit into larger premises at the centre to keep pace with its expansion. Such is the demand for the company’s services that it is again seeking more space at our Milton Keynes Business Centre to open a day centre for children.

 Elvis acknowledges the role that Milton Keynes Business Centre is playing in its success. “The way they are set up to run the centre helps us enormously. The staff are great, so friendly, and the most important thing is that if there any issues, they are dealt with immediately. Also, we are looking to expand, and I know they will do whatever they can to help us.”

Another of our wonderful customers Jenny Dean, head of sales, at MHI Direct , based in Harlow’s Greenway Business Centre , recently moved to a larger unit to accommodate increased staff.

She said: “Due to our growth, we needed more space. Michelle, the Deputy Centre Manager, and Jack, the Centre Manager, were super helpful. I didn’t want to move out of the building as the meeting rooms are great. A unit became available as a company was looking to downsize so we did a unit swap. The move went smoothly and was completed in one day. Now we have the space we need and great facilities .”

If you are looking for a workspace that aids productivity, collaboration, and flexibility, please contact us , we’d love to help you and your business flourish.