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Our mission to go greener

Our mission to go greener
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Our mission to go greener
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

At Capital Space  we know how important caring for the environment is and so we have been working on some exciting new sustainability initiatives. The aim is to help our businesses be more environmentally friendly, while at the same time improving working environments to enhance the experience for our visitors and employees, making Capital Space a greener and more pleasant place to work.

Putting nature at the forefront with our new and improved green spaces

Our most recent developments at our business centres have focused on improving our outside spaces - not only for the benefit of the environment but for the benefit of our customers too. At both our Croydon and Milton Keynes locations we have planted beautiful wildflower meadows which have been boosting biodiversity as well as attracting bees!

Wildflower meadows, according to a study by Forest Research , have many environmental benefits including improving air quality, boosting soil fertility and sequestering large amounts of carbon which, in turn, benefits our businesses by providing them with healthier and cleaner working environments for our employees and customers.

These new green spaces are so picturesque that we’ve decided we should be able to enjoy them too! In our Milton Keynes Business Centre, we will be installing recycled picnic benches, so that our employees and customers can escape the office on lunch breaks and enjoy some fresh air surrounded by nature.

Our business centre in Chelmsford is also rejuvenating their outdoor spaces with colourful new bedding areas in the car park, a wildflower area near its seating area and a repositioned bird box in the hope to attract birds ahead of nesting season.

Additionally, our Harlow location is adding some new wooden planters to the site entrance, making the site more attractive to our businesses’ visitors and also increasing biodiversity by attracting new species of insects.

Reducing our environmental impact with new recycling initiatives

Did you know that less than 20% of e-waste is formally recycled, with 80% ending up in landfills, polluting the environment, where it will take thousands of years to break down.

At Capital Space, we want to make recycling as easy as possible for our customers, so our Milton Keynes Business Centre have partnered up with the innovative IT recycling company Techsalv . Techsalv offers our businesses next day collection of redundant items such as printers and laptops and we have already sent three large printers as well as multiple monitors and laptops off for recycling rather than to landfill.

The centre have also been supporting Unblocktober which highlights the importance of not disposing of plastic and other items in toilets or sinks which aims to both prevent blockages to keep our toilet facilities in good working order and reduce the contamination of oceans and waterways with plastic pollution.

Churchill Square Business Centre have similarly partnered with Device Recycling Scheme Kent who collected some unwanted IT equipment from our customers for recycling.

St George’s Business Park has been encouraging its customers to recycle their plastic waste onsite with a new recycling facility and have put up a poster campaign to help its customers remember to recycle.

Meanwhile, Capital Space has collaborated with our VoIP partner Holler, who have collected old phones and system cartridges from all our centres for recycling.

Happy and healthy at work

At Capital Space we are more than just a place to work, we are a community of people and businesses. We ensure our customers’ wellbeing is at the forefront, so that working in one of our spaces is an enjoyable and productive experience. Therefore, we have just started offering Pilates classes at our Churchill Square location during lunchtimes by a qualified local instructor from Stepping Stone Fitness which aims to improve the mental and physical health of our customers by providing them with the opportunity to leave their desks to destress and get moving.

In addition, staff across all of our business centres have benefitted from a mental health workshop course conducted by Suffolk Mind and learned more about how and why it’s important to meet our emotional needs. It is the second time Capital Space has invested in such training for its employees in recognition of the need to shine a light on mental health issues and to increase wellbeing at work and at home.

Coming together to help the less fortunate

Lastly, we are very proud to announce our Milton Keynes office ran a successful food collection drive for National Foodbank Day in early September and food items were personally delivered to the local foodbank by our team. Churchill Square organised a similar initiative for their local charity Street Angels.

At Capital Space we are committed to ensuring we care for our environment and customers alike and we are excited to continue with our mission to increase our sustainability and reduce our environmental impact for the benefit of our businesses and our planet