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Homelee Investments – building a better future
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Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
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At Capital Space we value our customers and respect each and every business owner’s hard work and determination to succeed. We are proud to support these values with our work spaces, and our pride only grew when we spoke to Ryan Lee of Homelee Investments . It was clear his attitude and work ethic have made him one of the best in his industry, allowing him to find his perfect niche in off-market property investments. Read on to find out more about Ryan’s unique approach and philosophy on his journey to success.

Big beginnings

Ryan’s passion for property began while he was still at school, because his father, Jason, had already built a very successful estate agency business in the Purley area of Surrey. Keen to make his own mark, Ryan began his time within the property profession at the young age of 16 with a company called Remax, which is an American real estate firm with global reach. At Remax, Ryan learned how the market worked and how properties are valued, as well as completing training courses in London. After getting to grips with the entirety of the role, including valuations, and instructions across both sales and lettings, Ryan decided he wanted to focus on residential lettings.

Ryan then moved to regional estate agent Andrews, to cover maternity leave, but with a view and a vision to perform so well that he would be made permanent! Ryan fast became the third best-performing letting agent in the region. Subsequently, he was headhunted by a senior manager at Andrews’ Purley office and offered a permanent management position. Ryan, who was always impatient for progress and striving for constant professional development, jumped at the opportunity.

Then, Ryan moved to a local independent estate agency in Dulwich as a negotiator, seeking to broaden his experience and develop his skills. He progressed swiftly to a Senior Negotiator and then to the Office Manager within two years. Ryan also became a member of the National Association for Estate Agency, to bolster his reputation within the industry and to reassure clients who were concerned by his young age.

After that, he moved to Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward, a very well-established and renowned estate agency. There he became second best performing agent in the region within the first year, but due to long commutes and unmanageable hours he looked for a new challenge.

The Lee family first

Ryan's dream was always to work with his father, but he wanted to secure his own future first. So, after learning the ropes independently, he was keen to bring his experience to benefit the family business and work alongside his inspirational father. Ryan began to run the estate agency for his father and found himself doing a number of different roles, a stark change from having a team around him to manage the workload!

As he settled in, Ryan’s father passed him a property that could not be openly marketed. Ryan used his existing investors network to sell it, and this brought with it a new dynamic in which they charged the fee to the buyer rather than the seller. Ryan enjoyed the bigger rewards and faster pace of this model and looked to continue to grow this side of his father's business, especially with the traditional sales market becoming increasingly competitive.

Soon after making the successful off-market sale, Ryan forged a relationship with an investor who had a development site consisting of nine flats in Purley. Ryan secured instruction of the project and set about progressing it. Here, he developed his knowledge of planning processes and continued to build on his network of investors. From this, he decided he was ready to set up his own business, specialising in property investment and selling off-market property.

Pandemic problems created an opportunity

Ryan registered Homelee Investments just before Covid-19 hit. His father sold the estate agency business and started a specialist financial services firm, operating within the property sector. Ryan focussed his efforts on his new business Homelee Investments, specialising in off-market investments. As the pandemic set in, the market declined and so Ryan took the time to build his website and curate the brand.

Keen to keep busy, Ryan kept in contact with his investors, and some were still keen to sell their properties to aid cash flow during the pandemic. But Ryan was keen to aid not only investors with big pockets

Why Capital Space?

As the business expanded, Ryan began to think about moving his business premises from a local shared office space. He had heard about Capital Space through contacts at his local gym in Kings Hill and was particularly happy with the free parking and flexible licence options available. Ryan explains:

“We made the jump over to Churchill Square Business Centre a few months ago. It is amazing because you have much bigger open spaces and the amenities are very clean and well looked after. The size of the offices and lighting are much better. Capital Space ticked every box for us.”  

Today, Ryan offers both an impressive multi-million pound portfolio of off-market commercial and residential properties, and smaller residential stock for new starters. He runs this operation alongside two staff from his office at Churchill Square Business Centre.

The law of attraction

From a young age, Ryan took cues from his father, who often listened to ‘The Secret’ audiobook in his car. Focussing his efforts on envisioning his ideal future and setting big goals, Ryan has also instilled these techniques into his team.

Ryan’s personal and professional development and his dedication to adopting a positive mindset have served him well. Whether it is a convertible sports car or a new home, manifestation has played a huge role in his journey. This has proved extremely successful and at just 28 years old, Ryan can say he has a thriving company with a bright future.

A developing future

Though Ryan’s goals for the business at this stage are to grow, and to move into a bigger office at Churchill Square, his work does not stop with him; as he states:

“When people ask me what I do for a living, my response is: “I assist people in developing their wealth!” This industry can be a bit of a minefield, and the majority of my clients are just normal people, who need guidance in joining the property ladder, taking the next leap, or adding to their portfolio.”

Ryan specialises in sourcing off-market properties below today’s market value which immediately gives his clients an advantage in positive equity. But despite having his own impressive portfolio of investment properties to look after, including three care homes and three land sites across the country, Ryan says his true work as a wizard is seen in his ability to “guide my clients to grow from a property investor into a property developer. This could start with house conversion into flats or bigger projects which are land developments with planning permission in place. The growth I can offer is unlimited!”

Ryan clearly has a passion for helping people create opportunities and financial freedom and it is a passion that he wants to ignite in younger generations. He is keen to engage with schools to educate children about career options in the property business. He would like to expand the business to the point he can take on larger numbers of school leavers and help them progress within the property industry.

Never stand still when striving for success

A key factor for Ryan is that he never stops pushing his knowledge and gaining experience. His exceptional work ethic is driven by his goals to retire by 40 and pursue his passion for invention! He says that by remaining consistent in everything you do, from networking to training, you will find success. Ryan compliments his father for instilling his work ethic, attitude and ambition. He believes: “Anything is possible with hard work and dedication.”

We are proud of the part Capital Space has played in Homelee Investments’ achievements so far. We cannot wait to see the business grow and for Ryan Lee to realise his big dreams. If you are looking for a workspace that aids productivity, collaboration, and flexibility, please contact us : we would love to help.