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AxiaMetrics: creating a niche offering for IT and utilities business customers

AxiaMetrics: creating a niche offering for IT and utilities business customers
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AxiaMetrics: creating a niche offering for IT and utilities business customers
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

AxiaMetrics  is a specialist recruitment and business services consultancy, which has been based in our Milton Keynes Business Centre for a couple of years. A forward-thinking approach is a winning formula for AxiaMetrics' business clients and has helped the team expand into providing their services internationally. We caught up with Chris Weatherill, CEO, to learn more about what makes AxiaMetrics shine in its field and what he enjoys most about being one of our business customers.  

Finding a niche in business services support for global clients 

AxiaMetrics is a small specialist team of 10 employees that provides contract field recruitment and business services support, particularly for larger companies when they are recruiting highly skilled contractors in the IT and utilities sectors. AxiaMetrics also assists with clients’ internal resource solutions in areas such as FX (foreign exchange), payroll management – both UK and internationally – and related internal systems advice.  

Chris Weatherill, CEO, explains, "The business was started in 2009, originally run by one of the partners, Nigel Griffiths, who I met through my love of motor racing. I took the business on six years ago, and started to move the company towards recruitment, as that is where my background lay. However, what we’ve ended up doing is continuing to provide the business-to-business side of things, in addition to the IT and utilities search and resourcing side, as many big company clients need us to help them with internal process support and advice. So, Nigel has returned to work within the business."  

"We’ve offered a lot of support with international issues concerning employing a contractor in a different country; helping our clients understand what does and doesn’t need to be done, and taking the problem away from them. Essentially, we have become more of a consultancy, rather than solely providing recruitment."

Creating success from listening to client needs 

Providing a quality service is paramount. Chris and the team have 40 years of experience in IT and utilities resourcing, and have built up a strong network over the years. Combined with a forward-thinking approach, keeping up with trends is key: 

“I think, like with everything else, you can’t stand still,” says Chris. “It’s a case of evolving with the times and seeing what clients and companies want. Due to this, we’ve undergone some significant changes and that is where a lot of our growth has come from. We have expanded to having an Ireland-based business and a US-based business now, because post Brexit it is what some clients wanted. We’ve therefore removed some barriers to trade and we’re happy to be flexible and move with the changes. It’s really been quite exciting.” 

Milton Keynes Business Centre could offer us flexible office space 

AxiaMetrics has team members who work remotely, but others work out of the main office in Milton Keynes. 

"We took the office on about 2 years ago," says Chris. "I knew about the Milton Keynes Business Centre through a previous employer who had a business based here. I’d pop in from time-to-time, so I knew where to look when we were deciding upon office space for AxiaMetrics. The people are really lovely there and the on-site café is fantastic. I do quite a few meetings across in there." 

"What I love about Capital Space is the flexibility with the lease. Being monthly, you’re not tied in. It’s phenomenal because when you’re running your own business there’s a lot of stresses and strains and you want to know that’s it. Also, a big plus point is that you know that if you’re growing, they’ve got options. And if you’re contracting, they’ve got options. We don’t want to be moving from one business centre to a different place every time our business has got bigger or smaller," explains Chris. 

What’s next for AxiaMetrics? 

When asked where he sees AxiaMetrics in the next 5 years and beyond, Chris comments: 

“We’ve got a very strong team here and so what we’re trying to build is something that’s scalable and there for the longevity. It’s very easy to follow a trend, whether it’s in recruitment, or what people are saying you should be specialising in from one week to the next. You can’t do that. We’ve remained true to what we’re doing and have a growing reputation for that, which is gaining customers as a result.” 

"I’m personally trying to enjoy the business, surround it with good people and do great work that provides customers with great results. That’s what essentially makes it fun and pleasurable."

What advice would you give other small business owners? 

For small business owners out there, Chris has the following advice: “Believe in what you do and double down on what you are doing. If it’s successful, don’t think that you must change with every single swing in the market. But also, you need to be ‘long-term’ flexible. Failure is just one way of learning fast.” 

“I also think that when things go wrong, that what really defines you. I’d prefer to be told where I can improve if something is not going right. I have a team of people who tell me that, and this is useful, because you can’t always see it from your viewpoint.” 

We look forward to watching the AxiaMetrics team continue to grow at our workspace, and continue to benefit from the flexible solutions we can offer.

If you would like to know more about basing your business at one of our workspaces, please get in touch with our friendly team for more details.