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Overcoming market challenges through innovation and relocation

Overcoming market challenges through innovation and relocation
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Overcoming market challenges through innovation and relocation
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Finding a niche in the market that captures the zeitgeist is a powerful way to propel a brand to new levels. Being the first bridal designers to have plus-sized models on the catwalk in 2008 helped Veromia Limited become one of the top three occasion-wear companies in the UK. A decision to restructure and outsource their logistics enabled them to relocate to Loughton Seedbed Centre, from where they are planning for the future, including ambitions to expand into Europe.

Becoming one of the top three occasion wear companies in the UK

Founded in 2000 as a bridal wear design house, Veromia has experienced and adapted to market changes in more ways than one, overcoming various hurdles to remain at the top of their game. With high-quality design at its forefront, and decades of experience shared between its designers, Veromia has continually managed to secure its spot as a market leader in the wholesale occasion wear industry.

Outsourcing manufacturing to China in 2002 was the first step to ensuring its pieces were of the highest quality, as their CEO Vivien Felstein shared: “They [Chinese manufacturers] are so efficient and dedicated to their crafts and the result is stunning workmanship. We use different factories for different clothes to ensure the best garments are produced.”

Standing out from the competition

The boom of online shopping in 2012 saw the bridal market becoming incredibly saturated and Veromia decided to diversify its ranges and branch out into occasion wear, resulting in an expansion of its business capacity, enabling it to launch “Irresistible ”, a collection of dresses to suit occasions from “dinner dates to the races to a wedding guest”.

As the bridal wear market became increasingly competitive, Veromia’s response was to fill a gap in the market: supply plus-sized bridal and occasion wear, a field in which they have come to be pioneers. In 2008, Veromia was the first to have plus-sized models on the catwalk which led to it receiving a standing ovation. From then on, its plus-size collections have become extremely popular with its Sonsie collection (“Sonsie” means voluptuous in Scottish) having queues of buyers hoping to place orders at The British Bridal Exhibition in Harrogate .

How restructuring brought Veromia to Loughton Seedbed Centre

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the wedding market brutally, Veromia took the opportunity to restructure its operations, starting by outsourcing their logistics, which enabled Vivien to downsize its office space and upscale their warehouse space. Impressed by the accommodation at Loughton Seedbed Centre , and the ability to customise a unit into both office and warehouse space,  Veromia went on the waiting list for a unit. When one became available, it was the perfect size for their newly structured design team made up of six, with two part-time remote workers.

Vivien has been impressed by Loughton Seedbed Centre’s “amenable and nice reception staff, who will always help out, nothing is too much trouble, and everything works well – we love working here”. In a time of market instability, the monthly licence fee also gave Veromia the reassurance of flexibility so it would be prepared for whatever the future might hold. Happily, the company has now been at Loughton Seedbed Centre for over two years, and is hoping to expand into foreign markets when the timing is right.

Demonstrating how restructuring and relocating your business in response to a changing market can help your business thrive, Veromia’s new office space has given them the opportunity to succeed in the new landscape. In light of the ups and downs Veromia as a business has overcome, Vivien shared her secret to success was “I don’t do can’t”. Her positive mental attitude has certainly served her and the business well, and we’re looking forward to Veromia’s future advances.

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