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More space for MoreLife at Waterhouse Business Centre

More space for MoreLife at Waterhouse Business Centre
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More space for MoreLife at Waterhouse Business Centre

Doubling their space to deliver community weight management services, this month the MoreLife Mid Essex delivery comes to Waterhouse Business Centre.

MoreLife offer high quality, evidence-based, multi-disciplinary weight management services and exist to raise awareness, inspire action and treat the global problem of obesity. As a recognised service and training provider by the Department of Health under the Framework Agreement for Child Weight Management,

In Essex MoreLife have established a pioneer team working with Mid and West Essex PCT’s for weight loss programmes for people with a BMI over 30.

 ‘We are delighted to be establishing our new unit for service delivery at Waterhouse Business Centre. Originally we were licensing a studio and we are now expanding services to include client delivery in their new larger office space within the main building.’    Phillipa Marshall (Manager)

Born from LeedsMetropolitanUniversityover 12 years ago, MoreLife is the new name for Carnegie Weight Management. Founded by Professor Paul Gately, one of the UKs most respected experts in obesity and nutrition, MoreLife’s heritage is anchored in its research and academic philosophy.

MoreLife creates programmes that reflect client’s needs and their approach follows a comprehensive model that truly understands needs and work with users to shape a programme that will meet, and often exceed, requirements.  MoreLife creates long-term value and builds partnerships with Public Health teams to identify local requirements and develop programmes that dovetail with the vision of the local community.

Researched and developed by a team of specialists, MoreLife’s adult weight management services are designed to create long-lasting shifts in behaviour and give thee support and tools clients need to achieve their health goals.

The landscape of Public Health is changing. MoreLife have worked with over 25% of PCTs within theUKand offer a suite of services to the NHS and Local Authorities that satisfy local public health needs.