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Fast Recovery from Flash Flood

After dramatic flash flooding at the Capital Business Centre on Friday (20 July), a major recovery effort was mounted to ensure that companies could open for business on Monday.

CEC teams worked flat out over the weekend with contractors and Centre businesses after 2-3 feet of water flooded the ground floors of three of the seven buaildings on the Carlton Road site.
More than 100 businesses are based at the Centre and the premises of 30 companies were affected by flooding. By Monday all flooded areas had been cleaned and power, telephone and internet links had been restored.

CEC Operations Director David Clapham said that the CEC team and contractors had done a tremendous job in most difficult circumstances.

He said: “There was an unprecedented downpour and although at first our drains coped well with the rain falling on our site there came a time when all the drains under the local area became full. After this all the water from the surrounding mainly residential area flowed down the approach road and onto the site, in a raging torrent at times a foot deep and very fast moving. As there was nowhere for the water to go once it arrived on site it quickly inundated the whole ground floor of the buildings and covered the bonnets of parked cars.

A clean up operation was mounted on Friday evening and throughout the weekend coordinated by CEC and assited by Dyno Rod and KerDan, both companies located on-site.

By Monday morning the property was sufficiently dry and clean for most traders to resume business although the real work of restoring the buildings will take several months.”

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