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UK- USA Relations Get A Lot Closer!

UK- USA Relations Get A Lot Closer!
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UK- USA Relations Get A Lot Closer!

Phone calls to and from the United States have just become a good deal less expensive thanks to Voice over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones!

CEC has been offering VOIP phones for some time and they have already proved a success with companies trading in Europe. Now the same technology is being used by an Atlanta based company to help build its business in the UK.

Vetspecs, which develops, manufactures and markets veterinary-specific vital signs monitoring and screening systems, opened an office at the Capital Business Centre, Croydon and made an early move to use VOIP.

Director Mohammad Hamad is based in Atlanta but wants to be as accessible as possible to his UK and European customers. Now from the UK all you have to do is to call VetSpecs on their Croydon number and you are through to Mohammad in Atlanta. Call charges are at UK domestic rates and the sound quality is first rate!

Even better when Mohammad uses VOIP to call his Croydon office there are no call charges at all!

He says: “We have been very impressed by the VOIP phones and the communications benefits they bring are considerable. The sound quality is excellent and over time the savings on phone calls will be significant.”

CEC Operations Director David Clapham says that ease of use and the cost benefits available with VOIP phones make them a business option that many companies might find attractive.

He said: “VOIP phone features are essentially the same as a standard phone and all you need is a broadband connection. Phone facilities include the ability to handle two calls at a time, unlimited voice mail, call forwarding, conference calling and all the facilities available from a good digital phone.”

VOIP phones are now available from CEC on a monthly agreement. Centre Managers and the CEC Communications Manager can discuss the telephone requirements of businesses in the UK and overseas to plan best use of the technology.

Other benefits for businesses include:

  • Conference calling at the touch of a button
  • Senior staff working from several locations can have a consistent phone system
  • Calls taken at home are handled in a professional business manner
  • Provision of a low cost option for back up business continuity
For more details on VOIP contact your Centre Manager or visit