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CEC welcomes expanding IT group

CEC welcomes expanding IT group
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CEC welcomes expanding IT group
Skye IT is a fast growing business that has expanded from a small start-up company in 2003 to a multi company business group with more than 120 highly skilled staff.

Showing strong business growth even in the recession the latest move by the company is to open an office at CEC’s Churchill Square Business Centre at Kings Hill.
The office will offer the full range of group services including hardware and software procurement, consultancy, recruitment and office supplies all delivered through an integrated sales team.

Skye is pleased to be moving to Churchill Square as it feels it’s on familiar ground. The company launched six years ago at CEC’s Waterhouse Business Centre at Chelmsford and is both the longest serving company there and the largest business.

Skye Chief Executive Officer Paul Swords is enthusiastic about the flexibility offered by CEC Business Centres.

He says: “CEC just make it very easy for you. You walk in, decide on the space you want and then sign a monthly licence. For start-up companies in particular it’s ideal and you don’t feel that you’re signing your life away!

“We first took a small office at Chelmsford and then moved into a larger unit when we needed storage space as well. Then as we grew we took on all the additional space we wanted without the hassle of moving locations.”

The Skye Group now operates across the UK from its headquarters at the Waterhouse Business Centre taking advantage of the excellent transport links of the Chelmsford and Kings Hill Centres.

CEC Operations Director David Clapham says that providing a great base for companies to grow from is the key aim of CEC.

He said: “It’s tremendous to see companies such as Skye expand successfully and we are delighted to welcome them to Kings Hill. The Skye team shows just what can be achieved even in today’s tough times.”

All the CEC Business Centres offer an all-in-one monthly licence fee which includes on-site management, maintenance, building insurance, refuse collection, security, water rates, free parking and the cleaning of common areas. An on-site Centre Manager provides building management services and supervises administrative support, meeting room management, telecommunications and postal services.

In addition CEC Centres offer a comprehensive Virtual Office Service for businesses working from home and a full range of business continuity arrangements for larger companies.