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On the road to success

On the road to success
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On the road to success
Rock band riches come only to a few and most guitarists soon realise that their pleasure in the music is the biggest payback they are ever likely to get.

That’s how it was at first for Darren Mackay who hit the road as a successful salesman while spending his evenings in pubs and clubs playing the bass guitar with other rock enthusiasts.

But then he saw another way to profit from his bass guitar talent. He had learnt the hard way how difficult it was to buy decent equipment and saw what was needed was a bass guitar sales specialist.

So three years ago The Bass Merchant was launched at the Colchester Business and Seedbed Centre and since then the company has grown steadily. In fact Darren now needs to nearly double the size of his premises to cope with new demand.

He says: “We have built a good reputation and are one of only three specialist bass guitar companies operating in the UK. Setting up on a business estate in Colchester may seem a little odd for a music business but it’s proved really ideal for us.

“We have good quality business space that’s well maintained, easy access from motorway and trunk roads for our customers and ample parking. Above all there’s also plenty of space and we can set out several guitars and base stacks for customers to try which makes all the difference.

“Another major advantage as a start-up was the ability to take the unit on a monthly licence with no long term commitment to a lease. It was also a big advantage to be able to take extra space when I needed it without having to change locations. Arranging a move to a larger nearby unit was easy.”

Centre Manager Pam Willett said it was great to see an imaginative start-up doing so well.

She says: “It’s a good fit with the other Centre businesses as Darren’s customers come to his business mostly on the weekends. So no matter how many customers come along in their cars there’s always plenty of space for them.”

CEC lets space at the Colchester Business and Seedbed Centre on a simple monthly licence with a fee that includes on-site management, maintenance, building insurance, refuse collection, security, water rates and the cleaning of common areas. Flexible easy in – easy out terms allow businesses to set up and expand without commitment to long leases. A Centre Manager provides property management services.

For more details on the Colchester Business and Seedbed Centre contact Centre Manager Pam Willett on 01206 854545 or see and for The Bass Merchant call Darren Mackay on 01206 751173 or see