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Trackside partnership

Trackside partnership
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Trackside partnership
Hannah James thinks the Milton Keynes Business Centre is a great place to grow your business with plenty of friendly advice and the opportunity to make valuable business contacts. She runs YRC Hospitality which provides value for money eats and drinks for fans at British Touring Car Championship events and she’s just teamed up with another Centre business to provide a unique hospitality combo for the new season.

Hannah has seen the Phat Pasty Company’s eye catching camper style vans zoom past her office each day and she thought that the tasty treats would hit just the right spot with BTC fans.

So she spoke to the Phat Man Mark Herman who runs the MK franchise and together they soon had a plan to bring affordable hospitality with a difference to the top ten Touring Car events of this year.

Hannah is a dedicated touring car enthusiast and she wants to make it easy for friends and families to have a fun day out at the races.

She said: “Our aim is to provide trackside hospitality that’s affordable and fun where everyone can relax and just enjoy the thrills of the day. It is great to be able to link with Mark and his team at Phat Pasty and we now think we have an ideal package for fans.”

Hannah has been impressed with the friendly atmosphere at the Milton Keynes Business Centre and says it’s a great place to work.

She adds: “It’s a really good atmosphere and even if you need help with small things like lifting something heavy out of the car someone will always give a hand.”

Milton Keynes Business Centre Manager Lynn Patey-Smith agrees that that there’s a friendly spirit at the Centre.

She says: “Everyone gets along well and the only problem is that we are all so busy that we don’t really have the chance to chat! It’s good to see Centre businesses working together and we wish YRC and Phat Pasty well in their new venture.”

For more details on the Milton Keynes Business Centre call Manager Lynn Patey-Smith on 01908 698700 or visit For more details on YRC Hospitality see or contact Hannah James on 01908 678 290. For Phat Pasty contact Mark Herman (The Phat Man) on 07795 565456 or see