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Churchill Square Business Centre

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Historical tour for Kings Hill youth

Historical tour for Kings Hill youth
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Historical tour for Kings Hill youth
by Jason Hill
Marketing Co-ordinator - CapitalSpace

Churchill Square hosts junior heritage project 

This week saw the children from Kings Hill Primary School researching historical sites in Kings Hill, so the centre team at CapitalSpace had the opportunity to meet with some of these enthusiasts to give them a guided tour of Churchill Square Business Centre.

Kings Hill was originally registered as Maidstone Airport in 1932 and from June 1940 was opened as a fighter station by the RAF during WW II. The buildings at Churchill square were built as accommodation and administration blocks for the fighter station from where aircraft were deployed for night sorties into occupied Europe as well as supporting "D" Day and defending against V1 bombs.

Sue Billings, Centre Manager commented "As a business centre that concentrates on supporting the day to day operations of our customers, it's lovely to be able to  show another side to the Square and show the children an important part of local history".

The children crowded into building 10 to examine the listed staircases and touch the handrails  smoothed by airmen of the past, as well as examining the shrapnel scars on the outside of the building.

“I also loved all the questions the children had” said Sue “It was great to see them imagining what it would have been like in days gone by".

I’m sure it was Sue – especially when you explained about the sightings of the ghosts that roam some of the old corridors of the centre! Clearly, you were getting into the "spirit" of things....Well done Sue - you truly are the tour guide extraordinaire..!

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