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Discover our new flexible VoIP Solution


Capital Space has teamed up with Holler Voice to bring you an exciting feature-rich, cloud based VoIP solution for today’s businesses offering powerful functionality and seamless connections backed by dedicated on-site support.


Business-boosting benefits


Thanks to the multiple features of our new VoIP system, you will enjoy unique benefits, which surpass alternative options in the marketplace. Even better, we can offer you flexibility with no long term contracts, just like our monthly licence fee. Benefits include:

  • A plug-and-play system enabling you to take calls via your handset, desktop or mobile app
  • 1000 inclusive minutes to UK national and mobile calls per month per extension
  • Simple monthly invoicing without installation/connection fees
  • Telephone answering service option, in your business name, to convey a professional image
  • The ability to port any existing number in or use our existing number ranges, which you can publish immediate
  • Display of your company logo on the handset to raise your profile with colleagues
  • Peace of mind - no incremental yearly price escalator, unlike most of the current available services
  • Continuity – if you vacate your premises, you can take the telephony service with you and we can still even answer your calls

Switching to VoIP is easy


By switching to our new cloud-based VoIP solution, we can offer you a seamless and flexible telephony solution by answering calls in your business name, announcing visitors and deliveries, making important paging calls, and enabling you to work out-of-hours with our door entry system. Boost your business and power your connections with:

  • Flexible working – work anywhere, on any device
  • Our smartphone app (iOS/Android) and desktop app (Windows/Mac)
  • High-res colour IP phone with WiFi, Bluetooth, HD Voice, gigabit
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • CRM integrations (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, HubSpot etc.)
  • Centralised and synchronised Contacts & Call History
  • Voice recording (FCA and PCI compliance as an option)
  • User Portal with Call History and rated call costs
  • Voicemail to Email and transcribed voicemails
  • Presence & Chat messaging
  • Audio/Video Conferencing & Collaboration

Here are two videos on the link below demonstrating how to set up and use the VoIP product on a mobile app and PC.

VoiP User Guides >


Enjoy continuity, flexibility and savings


More and more companies are moving away from using mobile phone numbers in business in order to separate work life from personal numbers meant for friends and family

And now with the mobility options of Capital Space’s new cloud voice solution, you can use a mobile device with a business number and achieve the following:

  • One number – answer calls anywhere and on any device during the hours you choose
  • HD voice quality as opposed to the compressed audio of GSM mobile calls
  • No signal quality problems on some networks in any place you choose to work from
  • Considerably cheaper international calls and non-geographic numbers (03xx etc.)
  • If a member of staff leaves your employment, phone numbers stay with the business
  • Voice recording on all calls
  • Ability to transfer calls, see busy status of colleagues etc. even from your mobile
  • Keep your cellular number exclusively for personal use (like having Line 2)

What our happy customers say..

“Toupret have been using the Capital Space cloud voice solution for several months for both our office staff and remoteworkers. We’ve found it’s improved our productivity and helped us to embrace flexible working and the communication and collaboration of our staff wherever they work.”

Jackie Morgan, Marketing Manager, Toupret

In house expertise from people you know and trust


Thanks to our expertly trained centre management staff, there will always be someone available onsite to provide first-class support when you need it. Snags which need to be escalated will be handled by a friendly, back-up team at Holler Voice. When it comes to this new cloud based system, there’s no need to worry about quality of service, updates during office hours, demarcation problems or training issues. We provide all the support you need, and it is fully inclusive.


Call NowFor more information talk to our centre management team on: 01795 432605


Frequently Asked Questions


No, all numbers stay as they are.

We will do our best to minimise any disruptions and will provide more information in due course.

No, there is no connection charge and no set up fee. Our price is £21.95 + VAT per handset per month, which includes 1,000 minutes of free calls to UK landlines and mobiles. International calls are priced at about 80% cheaper than calling from your UK mobile. This compares very favourably with the average monthly cost of your current phone.

There are many good reasons to choose a cloud-based phone system, which is why it has become the first choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We will invite you to switch to the new system.

Yes, it will. All you need to do is either plug it in to your home router or use Wi-Fi – it’s that simple.

Yes, either a Bluetooth headset or a wired headset will work. We can advise on the best ones to purchase.

Yes, we will provide expert and comprehensive training, in addition to online User Guides, so your phone system switchover should be as seamless as possible with little or no downtime.

Just like your monthly licence fee, your telecoms agreement with us will operate in the same way. This means that can flex up or flex down depending on your requirements. If you no longer wish to use the system, all you need to do is give us a month’s notice.

Yes, all handsets and apps and numbers will operate anywhere you have internet access, meaning this is a truly portable solution.

Yes, we will continue to offer this service. Costs will remain at £1 per call.