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Nick Eva

Nick Eva, Director, Elite Express Logistics Ltd:

I am just dropping you a quick note to say how pleased we are that we decided to take a unit at the Greenway Business Centre in Harlow. Our move to the centre went very well and this was assisted by being given access to our office prior to the move-in date. We were up and ready to go on the day we rented our office from, as all communication phone and broadband services were in place, kindly organised by Michelle. Thank you for making our office move so simple.

Added: March 2017

James Hearty

James Hearty, Director, Healthcare and Transport Services:

I’d like to praise the staff at Capital Business Centre Croydon for their continuing support for the past couple of years. Both Michael and Maria have been immensely helpful from the first time we met to today, where they continue to offer support with all manner of requests. The support the centre team have given has allowed our business to grow leaps and bounds. Their regular seminars and coffee mornings are invaluable in helping build connections within the local business community as well as offering insights into typical issues & remedies that all businesses face.

I’m sure I am not alone in these feelings and many are vocal during the aforementioned meetings and are overwhelmingly positive with their feedback. 

I’d like to extend my sincere thanks from my team and I to the Capital Space staff team and look forward to what the future holds for both of us.

Added: March 2017

John Jones

John Jones, Director/Owner, Heritage Resurfacing Ltd:

We have a long standing virtual service with Greenway Business Centre, Harlow.  Lorraine and the staff team provide a friendly, professional and efficient service.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and we could not manage without them!

Added: March 2017

Nicola Crooks

Nicola and Nick Crooks, owners Antiques and Chic:

For a business that is growing everyday, the support from the staff at Greenway Business Centre  has been invaluable. Always available either by phone, email or in person to answer any query no matter how big or small. From post to billing and just generally making you feel like part of a community, we couldn't ask for more.

Added: March 2017

Allen Collicott

Allen Collicot, Managing Director, MBI Electrical Ltd;

Lorraine - We have enjoyed every day in your business centre at Harlow and it’s been a great stepping stone as we’ve grown. Yourself and your team made us feel welcome from day one and that’s continued throughout the two years we’ve been here.

Wayne and Myself wish you all the best in the future and we will miss Greenway Business Centre.

Many thanks

Added: February 2017

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson, Owner, Papa Fresco's:

We have been running our business from St.Georges Business Centre for 10 years now. Starting in unit B13, CapitalSpace have been really supportive in helping the business grow, and in our time here we have occupied varying sizes of units. We currently now have unit F20 at the front of the centre where we have a cafe and onsite eating area, and where we can run our mobile catering and buffet service from.

The centre has always had a real community spirit and makes you feel more than just a tenant - which is really important. CapitalSpace as a business has been really flexible with their terms and the options to upscale within the centre, and Jeanette the Centre Manager naturally adopts a "nothing is too much trouble" attitude. As a customer of CapitalSpace we really appreciate this personal service - it really helps make you feel a part of something bigger and helps us to run our own business as smoothly as we can. 

Thanks to Jeanette and the team at St.Georges - we would recommend CapitalSpace as the best place from which to run any business in the area.

Added: January 2017

Lorraine Calcott

Lorraine Calcott, Managing Director, It Does Lighting Ltd.

I have loved working here and it's changed my business completely since I moved in. It enabled me to grow the business in a safe, secure way and has given me the confidence to now spread my wings a little and move on. Your team are great - They are friendly, effective and good at their jobs. The atmosphere here at Milton Keynes has been welcoming and the tone that is set is one of a hive of industrious forward thinking businesses. The grounds of the building are kept up very well by Rob who works away behind the scenes and Lynn keeps everyone motivated and of course provides help and guidance when required.

All in all I can't fault any of it and I shall really miss being here. Thank you.

Added: January 2017

Richard Bentley

Richard Bentley, Owner, The I.T. Consultants:  

After working with CapitalSpace for over 12 years providing I.T. Support for both them and their customers, our only natural progression was to move to one of their centres when looking for our own office space. We picked St.Georges at Sittingbourne because it was central to our local client base and because the pricing was correct for our budget. We have been customers here for 2.5 years now - The Centre staff are always helpful and have been known to go the extra mile. When we reserved the office we were anxious to get confirmation and as promised we were contacted immediately when the office became available and within a week we were in, in what was a simple and seamless process.

When looking for our office, we found that other serviced office providers seemed far less supportive towards their tenant’s than CapitalSpace and we experienced this first hand many times whenever we provided support to companies based on competitor sites. These experiences showed us that the only option for us was CapitalSpace!

We would like to extend our thanks not only the great team of Jeanette and Helen at St.Georges, but to the teams across all the centres. We can definitely confirm that the Capitalspace service template works well whatever site you choose!”

Added: January 2017

Iain Brown

Iain Brown, Managing Director, UK Eco Energy:

I would like to give you notice from today, that I will give you the required notice of one month to terminate our lease agreement for unit 16 Greenway Business Centre.

I would like to thank you all for your help in the last year and maybe one day we will return. I will definitely recommend your company to any person looking for office space.

Added: January 2017

Joe Stokes

Joe Stokes, Managing Director, Lanworks I.T Services;

We moved our business to Waterhouse Business centre in February 2015.  We are very pleased with our office and the amenities here.  Michelle and the team are always helpful and provide excellent customer service.  The centre also hosts many business and information events which are always run in a professional and friendly manor.  Thank you Michelle and team for your help and great service.”

Added: January 2017


Steven Knolwes

Steven Knowles, Owner, ASA Medical Solutions:

Thank you for your kind introduction email, Lynn and her team at Milton Keynes are doing a wonderful job of advising and looking after us.

Added: January 2017

Jacqueline Jarvis

Jacqueline Jarvis, Director, Jarvis Carpentry & Joinery Ltd:

After nearly 11 years tenancy at Greenway, it is with some regret that we would like to issue you with one months notice.

We are moving to Takeley which is more suited to our current contracts and workload.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team at Greenway for assisting and supporting us over the last 11 years. They have been consistent in their service, reliability, and professionalism and have exceeded our expectations when moving in back in April 2005!

Added: January 2017

Neil Craig

Neil Craig, Owner/Managing Director, The Accountancy Practice:

Thank you for all your support, past and present and all that you and your team do for us all quietly behind the scenes so that things run smoothly.

Added: January 2017

John Horton

John Horton, Managing Director, Churchill Security Systems:

"Many thanks for the excellent service provided throughout the year by you all!”

Added: December 2016

Debbie Sawh

Debbie and Roy Sawh, Managing Director and Finance Director, FutureWorks Education:

"I have always found staff to be most helpful and friendly. The site itself is always maintained and welcoming and you and your team are always on hand to provide support whenever it is needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Capital. 

Roy and I would like to thank you for the years of service we have received from you and we both sincerely hope to return to the centre as soon as a suitable opportunity arises"

All the very Best. 

Added: December 2016

Darren Rudd

Darren Rudd, Director of VirtualTin:

“We would like to thank you and the team for your great service within our time at Churchill Square"

Added: December 2016

Mark Canning

Mark Canning, Head Honcho Flooring Guru of Flooring Megastore:

"OK then goes....It is with an extremely heavy heart that I wish to serve notice. CapitalSpace has been everything I needed. You run a very good ship, Sue. Keep up the good work; it's noted and much appreciated" 

Added: December 2016

India Marshall-Roads

India Marshall-Roads, Director of Bottle Bazaar Ltd:

"I'm actually really sad to be leaving here as its been so convenient and you and all your staff have made working here an absolute pleasure. I'll definitely continue to recommend Churchill Square to others in the future, and who knows may even come back at some point!"

Added: December 2016


John Joseph of Diamond Biopharm offered these comments on relocating to Greenway Business Centre, Harlow

“Some people are put off starting their own businesses because they fear they will be bogged down by the multitude of requirements which are needed before they can even start. Finding an office or a workshop, sorting out the rates, rent, and postage to name just a few. Find a furniture provider employ an IT consultant, deal with British telecom, order the telephone system and arrange for the fax, not forgetting the infamous broadband. Security must come high on your list of needs so organise the burglar alarm, find somewhere to park, buy or rent the dustbins and arrange for them to be emptied - so many never get onto the foot of the ladder.

At Greenway Business Centre in the new Business Park in Harlow all those problems will either go away or be minimised. You will move into a ”brand new” office or workshop to the size that you want, a very friendly management team will sort all your needs and advise you where best to buy your furniture and computers, they will supply your phones and provide a broadband service, stamp and post your letters, do your photocopying and sort your post. Parking is not a problem and you are not restricted by how many cars you can park. The reception area has a visitors book and a waiting area where visitors to your company are welcomed

There are meeting rooms available with all the modern equipment at your finger tips and if you want refreshments laid on you need only to ask and by the way there is an adequate Café within the grounds serving all types of meals and drinks from early in the morning to the mid afternoon.

There is no better way to start your business where you can concentrate making it a success leaving the vast jungle of drudgery to a well honed team of people who just want to see you succeed.”

Ashley Cooper

parc ellis’s specialist and personalised service has led to expansion in the UK and internationally and Ashley says it will not be long before his team needs still more space.


“Croydon is a good base for us with rapid transport links to London and the rest of the UK and the Capital Business Centre provided us with a very easy way to set up our office, offering quality managed office space with the bonus of on site parking.” 


“We were attracted by the flexibility of the monthly licence which allows us to match the space we take to the pace of growth of our business. There’s also the easy access and ample parking which are essential for us and it’s good to have a Centre management team on site to take care of any problems that come up.”




On taking more space at the Milton Keynes Business Centre.
On taking space at Churchill Square Business Centre and Waterhouse Business Centre
On taking space at Milton Keynes Business Centre.
On taking space at Milton Keynes Business Centre
On taking space at Capital Business Centre at Croydon.
uke learning on taking space at St George's Business Park, Sittingbourne

Taking space at St George's Business Park in Sittingbourme, Director of uke learning Mick Durham said:

“It was ideal to have a turnkey office solution where we could simply and quickly move into offices and let others take care of all the property management issues. It is also a significant advantage to have the option to take additional space when needed as ours is a rapidly expanding business.”

The Rok building group has just taken additional space at the Greenway Business Centre in Harlow.

Rok area leader Matt Dauncey says:

“We wanted to focus our attention on providing first class services for our customers and to be able to move into offices without any hassle. CEC helped make opening the Harlow office easy and our team was able to be quickly up and running. It has also been a big advantage to be able to take additional space at the Centre as our team has expanded.”

Rok is a nationwide building group with sales in excess of £950m and more than 5,000 employees. It aims to become the “Nation's Local Builder” by operating from a network of offices in major towns across the UK.

Added August 2008

Director Charles Bennett on taking additional space at the Capital Business Centre, Croydon
"It was good to be able to take the office space we wanted on a flexible basis as within months it became clear that we would soon need additional offices. If we had been locked into a long lease or even bought an office we would have had to start looking again and we just don’t have the time to do that."

Matrix ICT Services Ltd is a dedicated provider of strategic and technical ICT support for schools which began operation in Croydon and now covers all of London and the South East.

Added April 2008
Director Gary Lester on locating East Coast Permateek at Greenway Business Centre, Harlow

“There was a good deal of pressure on us to expand the business quickly and it was ideal to be able to move into the Greenway Centre without any hassle and take workshop and office space on flexible terms.”

Permateek installs a composite PVC based, environmentally friendly marine decking system.

Added February 2008

Total Lettings Partner Robin West relocating to the new Milton Keynes Business Centre:

Total Lettings is a growth company and we needed to find the right base for the next stage in our expansion. The location and facilities here are first rate and the Centre will become a business hub for Milton Keynes.”

Property specialist Total Lettings is a local, independent firm specialising in Residential Lettings and Property Management.

Added January 2008.

Kingswood Cleaning Managing Director Annette Heywood relocating to the Capital Business Centre, Croydon

“We wanted to have a company base in good quality premises that reflected the high standards we set and the Capital Business Centre provides excellent offices which enable us to present just the right image for our company.”

Kingswood Cleaning is a locally based eco cleaning company that only uses products which are 100% natural or from environmentally friendly manufacturers.

Added November 2007

Chris Harris, Moat Regional Director on relocating to Greenway Business Centre, Harlow

“Taking managed office space at the Greenway Business Centre was an advantage for us as we can focus entirely on our own core property management work and leave office property management to CEC!” Moat regional director for the East Region Chris Harris.

Moat, one of the UK’s leading housing associations, has opened a satellite office at the Greenway Business Centre in Harlow to help manage its extensive range of property interests in the area.

Added October 2007

Andrew Furber, Director, Tickford Security Systems, relocating to the Milton Keynes Business Centre

Milton Keynes has needed a good quality Business Centre for some time and I am sure that the Centre will prove to be very popular. We were pleased to be able to pre-book offices at a location that will become a business hub for Milton Keynes.”

Tickford Security Systems is a leading local security business which provides alarms, CCTV and access control for major businesses and the public sector.

Added September 2007

Paul Richardson, Managing Director, Concept Financial Planning, Capital Business Centre, Croydon

“We wanted to be up and running at the Capital Business Centre as soon as possible and with the minimum of property management worries. We were particularly impressed by the communications package that CEC could provide and they made it easy for us. Smart offices and good parking were also essentials for us and our clients so the move made good business sense.”

Concept Financial Planning’s experienced team provides advice tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses.

Added September 2007

Dave Hughes, Managing Director, Access Fulfilment, Waterhouse Business Centre, Chelmsford

“As a business already based at the Waterhouse Business Centre it was a big advantage to be able to take additional space on a flexible basis and we were very impressed by how straightforward the move was. There was no hassle and as before we were able to secure the offices on a simple monthly licence.”

Access Fulfilment provides a tailored sales fulfilment service offering order processing, storage and inventory management, pick and pack and distribution anywhere in the world.

Added September 2007

Oracle Components

“The Greenway Business Centre is the right location for an ambitious growth business.”

“From the outset we wanted to be able to focus entirely on building our business and it was ideal to be able to leave all property management matters to the Centre Manager.”

Oracle Components provides electrical parts to businesses and the public sector around the world, with contracts with blue chip companies and with the UK armed forces.

Jean-Claude Cateaux, Smithfield Foods Ltd, Churchill Square Business Centre

“Ours is a fast moving business and we did not want to consider long leases. A flexible licence gave us the offices we needed at a sensible price.”

Simon Robson
Simon Robson, the Galloping Gourmet, Capital Business Centre, Croydon

“When things need to be done you know that they will be done and we can get on with concentrating on our own business rather than worrying about property management. We now have a base in a quality business environment and that makes a statement in itself about the standards we are setting in our own business.”