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We provide our customers with a superb, superfast internet service which is included in our simple, monthly licence.

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Superfast Internet


The service is routed over a high speed leased line. Upload and download speeds are fast and reliable due to our fully redundant architecture. It is available the moment you move in and is fully supported by our onsite teams. We offer flexibility to accommodate changing requirements, for example if you wish to move to a fixed bandwidth, require a secondary connection or need a static IP address.

Internet bandwidth is fully inclusive of firewalls and routers, making it a plug and play solution for the large majority of our customers. If you wish to use your own firewall and router, just speak to us - we are more than happy to accommodate you.




We offer ultimate peace of mind to businesses because – unlike residential areas or most other business centres - our internet provision is backed up by a full failover service. This means that in the rare event disruption occurs to the primary circuit, you’re automatically switched to a secondary, back-up circuit, which kicks in typically within 45 seconds in the majority of our centres.


Rapid connection


Every workspace we offer is fully cabled with a standalone Category 5e network which allows customers to be up and running very quickly and with minimal fuss from the moment you move into our centre. This technology also provides customers with greater flexibility as hardware, i.e. servers, do not have to be located externally to your office.


Control your data usage


Customers are set up with their own internet portal which enables you to monitor your data usage, providing a useful insight into the traffic coming into and leaving their office. Data reports can be configured on a daily, weekly or monthly basis down to a microscopic level – should you need a minute-by- minute report to suit your business needs, it’s not a problem - we can help you.


Cost effective package for super users


We pride ourselves on the communication and flexibility we have with our customers. We use high quality, reliable and resilient products with internet fees included in our monthly licence fee. However, for customers whose monthly use averages more than 200 Gb per unit for six consecutive months, we will charge a fee of £250 per month. 


Dedicated support


Our service is backed by a knowledgeable, onsite centre management team. 


Internet Add-On Services

EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS FOR VPN £7.50 per address per month 
FIXED BANDWIDTH This is our version of a leased line. It is exclusively for your use and can be tailored to your specific requirements. There is no set up fee, no disconnect fee and no long term contract. More details are available from reception.

* Fair use policy applies


Host a virtual event from our business centres


Virtual events give businesses the opportunity to adapt their sales strategy and expand their reach beyond their geographical base, increase their brand exposure and engage a new audience. Plus they offer huge savings compared to physically hosting an event.

So if you’re seeking to attract new customers/clients or reconnect with existing ones, why not host a live online webinar, demo, meeting or conference? We can offer unrivalled facilities to make your virtual event a runaway success.

Book our meeting rooms for your event from a choice of four locations – Kings Hill, Milton Keynes, Chelmsford and Croydon - and enjoy unrivalled benefits such as high speed internet connection with up to 100Mbps uncontested bandwidth for both downloading and uploading to ensure a smooth operation from start to finish. Plus you can rely on our robust failover service to ensure that in the rare event of a blip, your virtual event runs as seamlessly as possible. Our superb choice of meeting room space is complimented by free parking facilities. 

Ring us today to discuss our unbeatable rates and facilities - bookable by the hour, half day or day.



  • No set up costs
  • No cost for changes
  • No cost for moving within the site
  • No installation costs
  • No capital equipment costs
  • No long term contracts 


The internet service at all sites is provided by BT, using Leased Line technology, over fibre optic cables. The speed of the internet varies from site to site albeit the up and down speeds are the same. All lines are routed over a minimum of 100Mbit/s, with most being 1 Gbit/s  bearer circuits, ensuring a quick upgrade as the bandwidth increases. At the majority of sites, a failover line has been installed which is identical to the primary and routed from a different BT exchange over a totally diverse connection. In the event of a failure, the switch over to the failover line is totally automatic within 45 seconds